Renew Your Updo

Ready Set Roll

Original Look


While there are many ways to wear your hair up, the rolled updo always seems to fall short when having to compete with a braid, a classic French twist, or other chignon styles. Worn by numerous sirens of the 40’s and reinterpreted over time, this romantic look is one to explore.

A necessary tool for creating this look is a foam roll called a rat that comes in various sizes. I have heard you may also use a piece of fabric. With a few tucks and pins along with some strong holding and smoothing hair products, you are on your way to a refined vintage hair moment. Don’t forget to add those contradictory elements when deciding on wardrobe and accessories to keep things updated and modern.

Click here to shop for a hair rat. Other colors and sizes may be available.

Dress: Isa Arfen -  (click here to learn more about Isa Arfen)
Shoes: Castañer

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


How To Beat The Heat With Unique Braid Styles

Heart Shaped Braid

Original Look


Was it Bo Derek who inspired us to wear braids in the sweltering heat with her beaded corn rows? The everlasting and ongoing love affair with braids began long ago for the lady type. If you haven’t got a short pixie cut or an easy bob, other than a bun, what better option do you have to keep your hair polished and out of your way. There are a number of different braid styles we have seen over the years, but I thought I would create one as an ode to my love of summer. I present the heart-shaped braid.

Dress: Matthew Williamson   |   Shoes: Charlotte Olympia

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Perfecting Your Pout With 9 New Lip Treatments

Kiss Me Twice

Must Haves


I have never been one to skip my daily beauty regime, in fact I find great satisfaction in skin care. Rotating masks and investigating new products have just become part of my everyday life. One area I always seem to overlook is lip nourishment. As I delved into this category, I was pleased to discover some great lip conditioning oils, balms, and treatments. Take a look at my latest picks and enjoy truly kissable lips next time you pucker up to your significant other.


Original Look - Big Hair Big Flowers


Floral Adorned Hair


Don’t be fooled by the pink tresses of hair on my head. Despite the fact I adore being surrounded by nature and happen to live in the canyon, I rarely find myself picking wildflowers in grassy patches. Most of the time, I can be found buried in front of my computer. With that said, I am incredibly drawn to flowers and invite big frizzy hair alongside big flowers this spring season. Sort of a warped 70’s Sonia Rykiel amidst an interpretation of Tim Walker’s gardens. This look in particular was a playful experiment created by my hair guru Rebecca Friedman at the end of a long shoot day. I went a little nuts at the art supply store and bought a ton of lively faux flowers which she clipped and pinned strategically into my hair. These images were the blissful results. There is something enchanting about shooting at night, granted we were amongst the loudest family of frogs while photographing this story in front of a waterfall. It was our Maison Mittweg fairytale.

P.S. Don’t be surprised to see the Turban make its way back this Spring.

In order to recreate this look here are a few high and low options.

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Click here to shop a Los Angeles local floral crown designer.
Click here to shop more floral crowns and pins.

Sweater: The Elder Statesman  |  Dress: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent From Resurrection  |  Ring: Colette From Broken English

Hair: Rebecca Friedman  |  Photos: Gregory Tuomi



Way To Glow

Black Light Makeup


Although Burning Man has long passed, I can't help but  notice the impact it has had. The enigmatic feeling continues to penetrate through dinner conversations and for some as a source of inspiration year round. I have yet to go myself, but I love seeing photos and hearing stories when friends return from their eye-opening excursion. I can be all about the colorful feathered headpieces, floral adorned bicycles, installations, and goggles in tow but because I'm 100% sober I've wondered whether I would have the same experience. I guess this beauty moment is an ode to my curiosity surrounding the idea of Burning Man. If we were to bring some of that free flowing enthusiasm back into our cities, a lip with glow appeal or neon cat eyes may not seem so farfetched at a party or night club.  In celebration of the Ready-to-Wear shows which will launch next week, why not experiment with your version of this glowing tale?

Click here for an easy to use option by Stila.


Velvet Tulle Coat: David Koma From Curve  |  Earrings: Ludevine

Hair and Makeup: Rebecca Friedman

Photos: Gregory Tuomi


Doll Face

Experiment With Bold Eye-Makeup


It may be hard to believe it's that time of year again. The holidays are long gone, and the shows have begun with the quick lead up to Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter beginning again in February. What better way to celebrate the launch of this lavish time than with a bold eye? Try something totally different when attending a party, show, or even just a  simple dinner. This look lends itself to the 60's era, for which, of course, there are many versions, some simpler than others. I teamed up with makeup artist Rebecca Friedman to create this doll-like, Peggy Moffit inspired rendition. I have always adored the time of Courréges and all the strange experimenting that occurred during those days. 

One thing is for sure it wasn't a time of bronzing or any natural makeup, but a period that focused on dramatic eyes and lash stories. Any reminiscence of a doll seemed to be the incentive. Twiggy mentioned that she had created her iconic long lash look based on her childhood doll, making sure to do lash strips on top and bottom to emulate the dolls eyes. We repeated the same steps in our story. To be as pale, and matte as a doll were also key.


When building this matte look, I always opt for the Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass followed by your base routine. Some of the other products needed for this interpretation  were the classic white eye pencil and black liquid eyeliner. The white pencil is used to make the eye shape as well as to line the inside of your lower inner rims. We then traced the edge of the white liner with black liquid liner and applied black to the top of the lash as well. Remember to accentuate and extend the corners of your eyes for a real striking appearance. For the ultra doll face, sweep the apples of your cheeks with a pale pink blush and dot your eyes with glitter. Although the heavy lashes took some getting used to, I did enjoy revisiting this era.

Sweatshirt: Reformation

Make-up: Rebecca Friedman

Photos: Gregory Tuomi




Hosting any festive parties or dinners this holiday season? Regardless of whether your plans involve time in the kitchen or nights of glitz and glamour, a manicure is a must. What better way to wrap up a year and begin a new one than with a fresh pair of paws? Most ladies prefer staying in the classic red and nude families which are a safe bet, but I have also included an array of moody metallics and other shimmery current colors for those who are feeling more adventurous. I love the dark metallic red!




During the winter months, my complexion gradually fades to a lighter shade of pale, unless I am able to work a sunny vacation in there somewhere. While my wardrobe takes a turn for darker colors, I always try to incorporate some bold and bright looks, a tonal white story, and these days some muted pinks.  With that said, sometimes the best way to compliment a ghostly face is through various beauty tactics. I've never been one to use self-tanners or spray tans, so one of my favorite go-to's outside of a vampy red lip or a smokey eye is to play up my lashes. I love the lash extensions and the wake up and walk out ease they provide, but, unfortunately, for me due to allergic reactions, it's not an option. I rely on the astounding amount of temporary lashes out there whether they are strips or individuals. When I have the individual lashes done, I can make them last for a few days if I'm careful while washing and use a little extra glue. Otherwise delve into strips where you will find feathered, embellished, dramatic, or simple options by so many different companies, one that always seems to do it right is Shu Uemura. Look into the Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld collaboration for fun spirited lashes. Why not experiment with natural makeup and extreme lashes as you trudge through these colder months? They are a wonderful pick me up!

Shu Uemura   |   Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld   |   Sweater: Vintage Kansai Yamamoto From My Mother's Closet
Dress: DKNY   |   Earrings: Sethi Couture From Broken English

Hair And Makeup: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Must Haves - This Works


How do you stay polished, fresh, and camera ready during the month-long period of shows around the clock and travels to major cities? I'm sure most industry types have got it lock and loaded, but for those of you still in search of helpful remedies, this line of beauty products entitled This Works may actually work for you. The scope of the British brand covers every necessary beauty tool consisting of natural ingredients sourced from British farmers. This Works, created by Journalist and Beauty expert Kathy Phillips, launched in 2003 with the intention of making a product which does not use harmful chemicals and is eco-conscious. Within the range of options are products catering to those in transit and those in need of assistance with sleep and rejuvenation. Try the In Transit Camera Close-Up for an all in one face boost or the In Transit Spray-On Moisture for instant relief while traveling. I have selected a few other options relating to travel and revitalization for this busy month. Goodbye New York and hello London, Milan, and Paris!

Click here to learn more about the brand.

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ORIGINAL LOOK - Choppy Bob and Fringe


Start a new season off by taking contrary action. With a summer full of soft beachy waves and long tresses of shiny hair, go for something totally severe as the winter months fast approach. Why not try an ultra short choppy fringe reminiscent of Audrey Tautou in Amélie or model Karen Elson's bangs circa the 90's? For fuller hair, preferably straight you could tie this fringe look into a short or shoulder length choppy bob by cutting uneven bold layers. 

I know we have seen various versions of this in previous shows, but make this one your own by playing it up with contrasting colors. Experiment with  shades of  blond like platinum (almost white if your hair allows it) along with something ashier. Then create surprise areas of black as either part of your fringe or hidden near your hairline. This look can go a number of different ways. I am looking forward to seeing more straight, sleek, structural, and overall more modern looking hair styles through the colder months.


Dress: MSGM   |   Shoes: Bionda Castana ( Read more about this collection here)

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Ricky Chan


ORIGINAL LOOK - Color Blocking Hair


Have you grown tired of the ombre or dip-dye fad, the muted pastels, or your plain old day to day hair? I love to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone. Let's face it, I have always found hair experimentation thrilling. These days I sort of feel naturally pink, as I have mentioned before, I’ve been pink most of my life and don’t foresee a permanent change anytime soon. With that said, there are so many temporary ways to play with your look if you don’t want to go the full length or your job just simply won’t allow it.
I spent time with my hair guru Rebecca Friedman to create this half and half, blonde on blue look. After seeing some of the rainbow and neon green wigs she had made for Katy Perry’s tour, I felt that much more inspired to do something out of the ordinary. This time around we played with clip in pieces of hair as well as pieces we glued in. Not something I see my viewers doing at home. 


For something more time friendly, start by blowing your hair straight, unless you already have straight hair. Next, either brush a middle part or side part, and then try to smooth it out for a slicked down look. Then simply pick a side and color you would like to create a contrasting effect with and start to comb in the temporary color or use some colored hair chalk. I personally like the look of your natural hair on one part versus your pop colored hair on the other half. Depending on what color option you decide, instructions will vary, so please pay close attention to guidelines within each product. Once you have your temporary color sorted, go for a low and tight bun or pony tail, staying with the slicked down look. This style is one of the many ways you can play with color blocking your hair. If you are feeling a bit more committed to this look for a party or special occasion, take the concept to your hairstylist to fulfill your color blocking dreams.

On Darker hair, these colors may appear more subtle. Color may vary on different hair types. Please read and follow package instructions. 

Comb In Hair Color Pink    |     Comb In Hair Color Red    |     Comb In Hair Color Green

Hair Chalking - Please follow instructions, bare in mind hair chalking can be a bit messy.

Hair Chalking 01    |     Hair Chalking 02

Two Piece Gingham Set: Reformation (so many lovely two-piece sets available)

Sandals: Maryam Nassir Zadeh (this style is available in several colors)

Hair: Rebecca Friedman    |     Photo: Ricky Chan

Must Haves- RMS


I guess you could say I live a clean life or at least I do my best to be aware of my health, body, and environment. I don't do it perfectly, but I am always in search of an alternative route, even when it comes to cosmetics and beauty care.

RMS is a line of beauty products made up of the purest ingredients which are completely non-toxic. The cosmetics range consists of raw, food grade organic, nano free, soy-free, GMO-free, animal test free products packaged in recyclable glass and an aluminum lid.

This brand was born under unfortunate circumstances which in the end became the underlying quest for the creator, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. Several years back she suffered both mentally and physically from high levels of toxic metals in her blood as well as high levels of pesticides and chemicals. She later learned this was due to the daily exposure of certain ingredients found in beauty care products. This news came as a surprise. She had spent 20 plus years in the fashion and beauty industry working with every major fashion magazine, designer, face, and photographer without ever having the knowledge these products could cause so much harm to one's health. After years of recovery, she decided to speak outwardly and openly about her experience in order to help women prevent having these same challenges. Rose-Marie created RMS to offer women a safe and healthy alternative which has anti aging, beautifying, long term benefits.

I have come to appreciate the brand, and the knowledge Rose-Marie continues to share on her site about beauty myths and the dangers of personal care products. I use the cream eye polish and the "un" coverup and look forward to incorporating more of her makeup into my daily look.

Click here to shop and here to learn more about RMS.


Must Haves- Régime Des Fleurs


Ezra Woods and Alia Raza, the duo behind Régime Des Fleurs began their flower charged journey eight years ago when they first bonded over a love of perfume and flowers. What started as an art show project consisting of one scent named Nymphaea Cerulean, quickly became a full range line due to the rave response.

Régime Des Fleurs officially launched in February 2014 with a collection of six intoxicating floral scents consisting of three tiers which vary in complexity entitled Lyrics (30ml), Ballads (50ml), and Epic (8ml). The feverish fragrances are made up of natural flower and plant extractions joined together with unlikely ingredients such as non-toxic UV dye, the ultra precious blue lotus, or ambergris derived from the digestive system of a sperm whale.


Although the creative pair has just started their quest in perfumery, its no surprise they were so warmly welcomed by the fashion community. Ezra Woods has styled starlets like Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams while, Alia Raza has released a number of short films inspired by fragrances starring musicians and fashion types like Devendra Banhart, Kim Gordon, Margherita Missoni, and Sevigny. These two are wildly imaginative and a ton of fun to hang with. I am eager to get my hands on a bottle of nitesurf!

Click here to shop for Régime Des Fleurs.


01. When I previewed your collection and got to experience the pleasure of sampling your scents, you  shared with me an in-depth story about your perfume Nymphaea Caerulea and why some of the ingredients naturally brought tears to the eyes who have smelled this fragrance.Can you share this story again?

RDF: Nymphaea Caerulea is our perfume based on the blue water lily or "Blue Nile Lotus" - considered to be sacred and divine by the ancient Egyptians, who used it in spiritual ceremonies and religious rites of passage. The flowers are considered to be mildly psychoactive when ingested - giving gently euphoric, hallucinogenic and sedative effects. We haven't tried that, but the extractions we use do smell incredibly otherworldly. Working with this extremely precious and rare material, we can certainly understand that it has a special something that takes you out of yourself. One client said that she had an out of body experience while smelling it, another told us that it heightened her ESP! One woman who wore it told us she felt her heart was opening. Several people really have been brought to tears when smelling this perfume and we now feel that there really must be a reason that this flower was held in such high regard by such an advanced and sophisticated civilization. 

02. I absolutely adore nitesurf! What made you decide to name this perfume nitesurf? What makes it a neon marine floral?

RDF: For nitesurf, we drew inspiration from the artwork of our friend Max Hooper Schneider. His practice aesthetically touches on postmodern neoclassicism and draws source material from both marine biology and counter culture (black metal, death metal, surf and skate etc) - it's amazing. We also really wanted to make a scent that romanticized Southern California the way that many scents romanticize exotic locales like the South of France or whatever.  We call it a "neon marine floral" because it smells like the beach and it also smells like a bright, glowing flower. We use profuse amounts of aroma materials that signify the scent of orange blossoms and mix them with natural extractions that amplify the different facets - so if the scent of orange blossom was a color - say "orange" - then we feel that this scent is a "neon orange." It's exaggerated. The "marine" aspect of the scent comes from many materials, both natural and synthetic, that evoke "aquatic" and "salty" and "ozonic" effects, including an extraction of seashells. 

03. Describe your perfume water/wood as a location or moment in time?

RDF: We describe water/wood as the scent of a forest under water.  We really wanted to juxtapose woody notes that are warm and deep and soulful with a "wet" and "fresh" impression. It's a very addictive combination!  

04. How did you come up with the design of the bottles? Describe your creative process.

RDF: We designed the bottles sort out of necessity - we didn't have a million dollars to tool our own custom bottle so we needed to work with plain stock bottles.  But we sourced really high quality bottles from France that have simple, clean proportions and a feel in hand that is substantial and sturdy.  The colors happened initially because we wanted to find a way to make the bottle for Nymphaea Caerulea the colour of sunglasses from the 80s - like an iridescent peacock. That color looked like what the perfume smelled like. And then we did the same for the other perfumes - we thought about what colors each evoked, whether they would be matte or metallic, et cetera. We developed the design of chroming the bottles and then painting on top of the chrome which gives a lot of dimension. It was also important to us that there was a "elegant" and "watery" and "minimal" feel too - because just liquid in glass is so simple and beautiful. So that's where the idea of leaving one side of the bottle untreated came from.  Lastly, we didn't want to have any copy on the bottle itself, so we came to the idea of distinguishing each scent with just color and only having our gold emblem on the bottle to identify the brand.  

05. Who are some of your favorite noses in the industry? What perfumes have they created?

Ezra: I love Jean LaPorte the creator of the line that became L'Artisan Parfumer and then Maitre Pardumer et Gantier.  It was through his brand that I learned to appreciate perfume. And I love Calice Becker's lush and sheer style. I also love the work of Nathalie Feisthauer - her perfumes are gorgeous but not necessarily "pretty."

Alia: I grew up wearing Fracas and other tuberose perfumes and I think the creator of Fracas, Germaine Cellier, is a genius. She was a French chemist and perfumer in the 1940's - she was so ahead of her time in so many ways. I love Dominique Ropion too. His big hits like Amarige and Carnal Flower, and his room spray Un Gardenia La Nuit, are incredibly beautiful. I only wear tuberose and jasmine and gardenia type scents, or "white florals," and he's the king of them. 

06. What is something inspirational you can share with those who are preparing to or dancing around the idea of launching a Fragrance Collection.

RDF: We are obsessed with perfume and can talk endlessly about it. This is an art practice and a creative outlet for us, not just a way to earn a living. That passion must really come through, we think, and that's why the reaction to our work has been so positive. So our inspirational advice would be to do this if you truly care about it, not if you think it will make you rich. In all aspects of Régime des Fleurs, from the creative to the business model, we've applied our individual and shared references and interests, and made the decision at every step to think outside the box and do what's unexpected. That is what works for us. 

07. Since launching, what has been the most exciting and uplifting moment you've experienced?

RDF: All of it has been a lot of fun but there are a few moments that stand out as really exciting. Getting an email from Luca Turin, the biophysicist and fragrance expert, saying he really liked our perfume was pretty incredible. Being contacted by Vogue for a meeting just a week after we launched was also kind of great! Our friend Erin Wasson hosting us for a week during the Dallas Art Fair and throwing a party for us at our favorite store in Texas, Forty Five Ten, was so much fun. And then our friend Christopher Niquet giving a bottle of our fragrance Dove Grey to one of our muses, Deeda Blair, who happens to be his next door neighbor, was genius. But honestly, the reaction to the perfumes from our friends and families has been the most uplifting and exciting part of all of this. We get text messages from them all the time saying 'Another stranger followed me down the street and begged to know why I smelled so good! Send another bottle!' That means more to us than anything else.    



Experimenting with makeup has always been a passion, my only challenge is that makeup application is sadly not a strength of mine. I can do the basics, but beyond that I need outside help. During my days of performing, I would play around with face painting, crystal designs around my eyes, and anything that seemed fun and different. 

When I first came across Paris-based makeup artist, Mily Serebrenik 's makeup stickers, I was thrilled to find a product so forward and easy to apply.These eyeliner and lash stickers leave you with high drama eyes and are hypoallergenic, adjustable, and reusable. I don't wear them often, but when I do, the feelings of performing come back again and I love it. 

Mily Serebrenik is originally from Sao Paulo, she started her career as a makeup artist in Brazil working for MTV and then continued to create looks for fashion and beauty editorials. With inspiration drawn from exotic nightlife, vintage photography, and time spent living in places like New York in the late 80's and Sao Paulo in the 90's, she finally launched Mily eye flashes and simply eyeliners in 2011. There are many more designs today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Watch her videos here to see simple application instructions.

Shop for Mily makeup stickers here.

Photo: Ricky Chan  |  Earrings: Anita Ko



With a background of Japanese and German, you can imagine that my hair is a result of some sort of rebellious texture. Add in the years of color treatment, style changes, and just all around California sun exposure and there is dry, tangled, somewhat wavy hair which I think I have been able to work in my favor. I strive for beachy mermaid hair and sometimes get knotted bed head. I only brush my hair before washing, or when I am wearing it straight, otherwise I am left with hair that is wildly impossible.

With the temperatures rising in Los Angeles, I find relief in pulling my hair back. I often braid the front of my hair in two single braids and will pull them back in a half up and half down look, or pull them up into a bun, giving me a semi milkmaid braid.

I partnered with my hair stylist, Rebecca Freidman, to create a mash up of a multi-color, knotted, extra long, 4 piece pig-tail braid. Sort of an extreme look, but you could play with parts of this look and have some fun making your own style. Try getting some false colored hair in lavender, turquoise, or dusty pink and braid it into your traditional fishtail or milkmaid braid. You could also experiment with creating four pig-tail braids and tying two on each side together with a ribbon for an updated pigtail look. If you aren't able to do this on your own or with a friend’s help, you can ask your hair stylist or local Braid Bar.

Photo: Jaesung Lee     |     Hair: Rebecca Friedman     |     Top: Opening Ceremony

Synthetic hair color options:

Hot Pink     |     Medium Purple     |     Baby Blue

For more colors and experimenting:

Rainbows, ombre's, as well as more colors.    |     Larger range of color ( light pink and lavender )



Heritage has long intrigued me, so when I was introduced to Atkinsons perfume and learned a bit about their history, I was thoroughly impressed. The long lineage and history behind a brand, with their many myths and stories create such depth. 

James Atkinson, the original creator first set out for London in 1799 with recipes of fine scents. In time, these scents became the love of many English elite. Not surprisingly, King George IV made Atkinson the official perfumer to the royal court of England, during which time Atkinson opened his legendary headquarters at 24 old bond street in 1832. 

After many years in hibernation, the brand was repackaged and relaunched at Harrods in 2013 with five scents from the historic archive.


I have become more familiar with their "Oud” scent collection, for women and men, which was made in celebration of their 200th anniversary and packaged in matching gold flasks. Oud is an ingredient which comes from the wood of a tropical Agar tree. When the tree becomes infected, it’s mold produces a sweet resin, which is considered to be liquid gold because of it's rarity. I tend to wear less floral fragrances and more sweet and woody scents. "Oud Save the King”, meant for men, is something I’m drawn to with feature notes like earl grey tea and leather.  "Oud Save the Queen" however is composed of orange blossom and jasmine.

Once the Chanel of it's day during the Victorian Era and back again at Barney's New york.

Click here to shop ATKINSONS PERFUME.



It feels like ages ago since I first had the pleasure of  meeting  Winnie Beattie in NYC. I remember our double dates over fresh made soba noodles in Tribecca and dinners at Omen. I was immediately drawn to her sweet nature, seemingly effortless style and general way of being.

As a Hawaiian native with a love for warm places and warm people, it comes as no surprise that Winnie would launch a store and fragrance to resemble this emotion. Her fragrance oil “Warm”, named after her boutique, is filled with charm and mystique. I am completely smitten with the scent, and each time I use it I am reminded of the beach in the summer.

She shares her nolita store “Warm” with her husband, Rob Magnotta, and together they handpick a range of international and hard to find goodies, from clothing to home decor, for “urban hippies” much like herself. 

01: Describe your fragrance as a location or moment in time?

WB: laying on a soft beach towel, sandy, salty and sweaty after a great few hours of surfing

02. Favorite beaches to travel to? Any insider tips or secrets?

WB: playa hermosa, costa rica-best sunsets ever Hapuna beach, hawaii-soft, velvety white sand
Playa la saladita, mexico-have an after sun/surf beer at lourdes right on the beach

03. Describe the process of creating a fragrance? How you decided on certain scent notes?

WB: i think there is a very strong link between memory and scent.  I worked very closely with sarah horowitz, an amazing nose, and she understood the feeling and vibe and smell i was trying to capture- That sweaty, salty, hot sun, almost naked, beachy, dirty hippie feeling and she captured those notes perfectly

04. I know that your love for the sun and surf has played a big role in your store and fragrance. What are some of your essentials for a day at the beach?

WB: i love my basic black patagonia shortie wetsuit, a tori praver bikini, kerastase huile celeste hair oil for after salt water exposure, maui babe sunscreen, my husband’s supreme baseball hat to protect my face, my locals flip flops, and a caravana montaecristo vegetable dyed poncho that can take me from beach to a casual dinner nearby

05. I’m really impressed with the fact that you share a business with your husband rob magnotta, while raising three young boys in new york city.What are your secrets to balancing your daily life?

WB: family always comes first no matter what.  I take my kids to school every single day and leave the store for about an hour to pick them up as often as possible-that time with them is fleeting and special and important...I also feel that i hire people i can trust and rely on since i cannot be at the store every single moment so i feel comfortable that things are in good hands when i am with my boys.  And rob and i really share a similar vibe and aesthetic and really respect each other’s tastes and opinions.  He orders all of the books and home items for the store and i am constantly amazed by the beautiful, special and unique things he finds-when new things come in that he ordered i fall in love with him all over again based on how thoughtful his selections are.

06. Go to ingredients for a juice or a smoothie?

WB: pineapple juice, coconut milk, ginger, lemon...Anything tropical and cooling

07. Pair of shoes you have owned the longest? Why have you held on to them?

WB: i have a pair of vans that are at least ten years old that were a limited edition collaboration...They are ripped and dirty, and pretty beat up, but i can’t bring myself to toss them...They are so perfectly broken in and worn and add a bit of street style to even the fanciest of outfits when i am going for a bit of grit.

Click here to shop WARM.


Many moons ago I sang in a band.  Part of what I enjoyed so much about those days of performing, were the hours prior where I got to apply wild make up and create strange up-dos with hair accessories, or dye my eyebrows funny colors. 

It gave me the opportunity to allow my inner mermaid and anime to come to surface. These days I’m still just as free, and having a child hasn’t stopped me from having my fun. I have had pink hair most of my life and it feels completely natural. I have never really gone for the "au naturel" hair, although I appreciate it from time to time. 

Part of what excites me, is testing beauty boundaries. In this story, I wanted to share my interpretation of glitter hair. I started with a trip to the local art supply store, and all the fashion glitter brought about so much hair inspiration. While most of you are probably intimidated by the endless shampoos and possibilities of discovering  glitter around the house for weeks on end, I can safely say that wasn't the case for me. Tho with a little girl, there always seems to be glitter remnants from art projects and princess costumes anyhow.  I was fortunate to have my lovely hair stylist Rebecca Friedman, also the lady behind my pink hair, give me a hand and share tips for your at home convenience.
Start with something simple and bold, a pulled back bun. Take any old tint / dye brush and bowl, mix your selection of glitter into the bowl with a strong hold / non flake clear gel, and mix the contents together with your brush. I prefer the non-iridescent fine grain glitter. Once the contents are mixed evenly throughout, and the gel takes on the look of glitter glue, apply the gel onto the desired areas of your hair using the tint / dye brush. For a more extreme look, you can take larger sized glitter of any shape and sprinkle on top, which I also did. (I do suggest having some sort of protection on your floor as well as over your clothes if you do decide to do this.)

Photo: Jaesung Lee     |     Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Here are some suggested products:

Ampro Clear Ice Styling Gel  |  Cape for Clothing Protection  |  Clear Dye /Tint Bowl  |  Wide Dye /Tint Brush  |  Small Angled Tint Brush (makes it easier if you choose to apply to the front of your hair)

Silver Fine Glitter (I used this)  |  Gold Fine Glitter  |  Pink (Tourmaline) Fine Glitter  |  Turquoise Fine Glitter  |  Large Range of Color in Fine Glitter  |   Larger Glitter (Vintage Leaf) in Color Range (I used this) 

For an already made batch and more understated look, you can use Major Moonshine’s prepared hair glitter. 



As a young working mom, I'm often too busy for all my desired beauty appointments. However, I do try to be consistent at home with my beauty regimens. Facial masks have become a big part of this, and I like relaxing with one at night before bed.

Many of the masks I use are from the company, Ilike, an organic and hungarian skincare line.  The line is created with hand harvested, hand selected organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables in very small batches. 


There are no additional colors or articfial ingredients as Ilike Molnar, lovingly known as  "Aunt Ilcsi", believes that nature can provide an abundance of solutions for everyday needs. These ingredients have been blessed with local hungarian soils from the thermal hot springs of the Carpathian Basin, which are rich in rare minerals. Because my skin is so sensitive I have always taken a more natural approach and have been pleased with these masks in particular. I have grown really fond of including them into my weekly routine. I have tried many of them and they are all wonderful but for my skin. I alternate between the sour cherry gel mask, rose petal gel mask, blackthorn gel mask, and the fibrous stonecrop gel mask.

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