As a young working mom, I'm often too busy for all my desired beauty appointments. However, I do try to be consistent at home with my beauty regimens. Facial masks have become a big part of this, and I like relaxing with one at night before bed.

Many of the masks I use are from the company, Ilike, an organic and hungarian skincare line.  The line is created with hand harvested, hand selected organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables in very small batches. 


There are no additional colors or articfial ingredients as Ilike Molnar, lovingly known as  "Aunt Ilcsi", believes that nature can provide an abundance of solutions for everyday needs. These ingredients have been blessed with local hungarian soils from the thermal hot springs of the Carpathian Basin, which are rich in rare minerals. Because my skin is so sensitive I have always taken a more natural approach and have been pleased with these masks in particular. I have grown really fond of including them into my weekly routine. I have tried many of them and they are all wonderful but for my skin. I alternate between the sour cherry gel mask, rose petal gel mask, blackthorn gel mask, and the fibrous stonecrop gel mask.

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