Many moons ago I sang in a band.  Part of what I enjoyed so much about those days of performing, were the hours prior where I got to apply wild make up and create strange up-dos with hair accessories, or dye my eyebrows funny colors. 

It gave me the opportunity to allow my inner mermaid and anime to come to surface. These days I’m still just as free, and having a child hasn’t stopped me from having my fun. I have had pink hair most of my life and it feels completely natural. I have never really gone for the "au naturel" hair, although I appreciate it from time to time. 

Part of what excites me, is testing beauty boundaries. In this story, I wanted to share my interpretation of glitter hair. I started with a trip to the local art supply store, and all the fashion glitter brought about so much hair inspiration. While most of you are probably intimidated by the endless shampoos and possibilities of discovering  glitter around the house for weeks on end, I can safely say that wasn't the case for me. Tho with a little girl, there always seems to be glitter remnants from art projects and princess costumes anyhow.  I was fortunate to have my lovely hair stylist Rebecca Friedman, also the lady behind my pink hair, give me a hand and share tips for your at home convenience.
Start with something simple and bold, a pulled back bun. Take any old tint / dye brush and bowl, mix your selection of glitter into the bowl with a strong hold / non flake clear gel, and mix the contents together with your brush. I prefer the non-iridescent fine grain glitter. Once the contents are mixed evenly throughout, and the gel takes on the look of glitter glue, apply the gel onto the desired areas of your hair using the tint / dye brush. For a more extreme look, you can take larger sized glitter of any shape and sprinkle on top, which I also did. (I do suggest having some sort of protection on your floor as well as over your clothes if you do decide to do this.)

Photo: Jaesung Lee     |     Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Here are some suggested products:

Ampro Clear Ice Styling Gel  |  Cape for Clothing Protection  |  Clear Dye /Tint Bowl  |  Wide Dye /Tint Brush  |  Small Angled Tint Brush (makes it easier if you choose to apply to the front of your hair)

Silver Fine Glitter (I used this)  |  Gold Fine Glitter  |  Pink (Tourmaline) Fine Glitter  |  Turquoise Fine Glitter  |  Large Range of Color in Fine Glitter  |   Larger Glitter (Vintage Leaf) in Color Range (I used this) 

For an already made batch and more understated look, you can use Major Moonshine’s prepared hair glitter.