Heritage has long intrigued me, so when I was introduced to Atkinsons perfume and learned a bit about their history, I was thoroughly impressed. The long lineage and history behind a brand, with their many myths and stories create such depth. 

James Atkinson, the original creator first set out for London in 1799 with recipes of fine scents. In time, these scents became the love of many English elite. Not surprisingly, King George IV made Atkinson the official perfumer to the royal court of England, during which time Atkinson opened his legendary headquarters at 24 old bond street in 1832. 

After many years in hibernation, the brand was repackaged and relaunched at Harrods in 2013 with five scents from the historic archive.


I have become more familiar with their "Oud” scent collection, for women and men, which was made in celebration of their 200th anniversary and packaged in matching gold flasks. Oud is an ingredient which comes from the wood of a tropical Agar tree. When the tree becomes infected, it’s mold produces a sweet resin, which is considered to be liquid gold because of it's rarity. I tend to wear less floral fragrances and more sweet and woody scents. "Oud Save the King”, meant for men, is something I’m drawn to with feature notes like earl grey tea and leather.  "Oud Save the Queen" however is composed of orange blossom and jasmine.

Once the Chanel of it's day during the Victorian Era and back again at Barney's New york.

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