It feels like ages ago since I first had the pleasure of  meeting  Winnie Beattie in NYC. I remember our double dates over fresh made soba noodles in Tribecca and dinners at Omen. I was immediately drawn to her sweet nature, seemingly effortless style and general way of being.

As a Hawaiian native with a love for warm places and warm people, it comes as no surprise that Winnie would launch a store and fragrance to resemble this emotion. Her fragrance oil “Warm”, named after her boutique, is filled with charm and mystique. I am completely smitten with the scent, and each time I use it I am reminded of the beach in the summer.

She shares her nolita store “Warm” with her husband, Rob Magnotta, and together they handpick a range of international and hard to find goodies, from clothing to home decor, for “urban hippies” much like herself. 

01: Describe your fragrance as a location or moment in time?

WB: laying on a soft beach towel, sandy, salty and sweaty after a great few hours of surfing

02. Favorite beaches to travel to? Any insider tips or secrets?

WB: playa hermosa, costa rica-best sunsets ever Hapuna beach, hawaii-soft, velvety white sand
Playa la saladita, mexico-have an after sun/surf beer at lourdes right on the beach

03. Describe the process of creating a fragrance? How you decided on certain scent notes?

WB: i think there is a very strong link between memory and scent.  I worked very closely with sarah horowitz, an amazing nose, and she understood the feeling and vibe and smell i was trying to capture- That sweaty, salty, hot sun, almost naked, beachy, dirty hippie feeling and she captured those notes perfectly

04. I know that your love for the sun and surf has played a big role in your store and fragrance. What are some of your essentials for a day at the beach?

WB: i love my basic black patagonia shortie wetsuit, a tori praver bikini, kerastase huile celeste hair oil for after salt water exposure, maui babe sunscreen, my husband’s supreme baseball hat to protect my face, my locals flip flops, and a caravana montaecristo vegetable dyed poncho that can take me from beach to a casual dinner nearby

05. I’m really impressed with the fact that you share a business with your husband rob magnotta, while raising three young boys in new york city.What are your secrets to balancing your daily life?

WB: family always comes first no matter what.  I take my kids to school every single day and leave the store for about an hour to pick them up as often as possible-that time with them is fleeting and special and important...I also feel that i hire people i can trust and rely on since i cannot be at the store every single moment so i feel comfortable that things are in good hands when i am with my boys.  And rob and i really share a similar vibe and aesthetic and really respect each other’s tastes and opinions.  He orders all of the books and home items for the store and i am constantly amazed by the beautiful, special and unique things he finds-when new things come in that he ordered i fall in love with him all over again based on how thoughtful his selections are.

06. Go to ingredients for a juice or a smoothie?

WB: pineapple juice, coconut milk, ginger, lemon...Anything tropical and cooling

07. Pair of shoes you have owned the longest? Why have you held on to them?

WB: i have a pair of vans that are at least ten years old that were a limited edition collaboration...They are ripped and dirty, and pretty beat up, but i can’t bring myself to toss them...They are so perfectly broken in and worn and add a bit of street style to even the fanciest of outfits when i am going for a bit of grit.

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