With a background of Japanese and German, you can imagine that my hair is a result of some sort of rebellious texture. Add in the years of color treatment, style changes, and just all around California sun exposure and there is dry, tangled, somewhat wavy hair which I think I have been able to work in my favor. I strive for beachy mermaid hair and sometimes get knotted bed head. I only brush my hair before washing, or when I am wearing it straight, otherwise I am left with hair that is wildly impossible.

With the temperatures rising in Los Angeles, I find relief in pulling my hair back. I often braid the front of my hair in two single braids and will pull them back in a half up and half down look, or pull them up into a bun, giving me a semi milkmaid braid.

I partnered with my hair stylist, Rebecca Freidman, to create a mash up of a multi-color, knotted, extra long, 4 piece pig-tail braid. Sort of an extreme look, but you could play with parts of this look and have some fun making your own style. Try getting some false colored hair in lavender, turquoise, or dusty pink and braid it into your traditional fishtail or milkmaid braid. You could also experiment with creating four pig-tail braids and tying two on each side together with a ribbon for an updated pigtail look. If you aren't able to do this on your own or with a friend’s help, you can ask your hair stylist or local Braid Bar.

Photo: Jaesung Lee     |     Hair: Rebecca Friedman     |     Top: Opening Ceremony

Synthetic hair color options:

Hot Pink     |     Medium Purple     |     Baby Blue

For more colors and experimenting:

Rainbows, ombre's, as well as more colors.    |     Larger range of color ( light pink and lavender )