Experimenting with makeup has always been a passion, my only challenge is that makeup application is sadly not a strength of mine. I can do the basics, but beyond that I need outside help. During my days of performing, I would play around with face painting, crystal designs around my eyes, and anything that seemed fun and different. 

When I first came across Paris-based makeup artist, Mily Serebrenik 's makeup stickers, I was thrilled to find a product so forward and easy to apply.These eyeliner and lash stickers leave you with high drama eyes and are hypoallergenic, adjustable, and reusable. I don't wear them often, but when I do, the feelings of performing come back again and I love it. 

Mily Serebrenik is originally from Sao Paulo, she started her career as a makeup artist in Brazil working for MTV and then continued to create looks for fashion and beauty editorials. With inspiration drawn from exotic nightlife, vintage photography, and time spent living in places like New York in the late 80's and Sao Paulo in the 90's, she finally launched Mily eye flashes and simply eyeliners in 2011. There are many more designs today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Watch her videos here to see simple application instructions.

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Photo: Ricky Chan  |  Earrings: Anita Ko