Must Haves- RMS


I guess you could say I live a clean life or at least I do my best to be aware of my health, body, and environment. I don't do it perfectly, but I am always in search of an alternative route, even when it comes to cosmetics and beauty care.

RMS is a line of beauty products made up of the purest ingredients which are completely non-toxic. The cosmetics range consists of raw, food grade organic, nano free, soy-free, GMO-free, animal test free products packaged in recyclable glass and an aluminum lid.

This brand was born under unfortunate circumstances which in the end became the underlying quest for the creator, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. Several years back she suffered both mentally and physically from high levels of toxic metals in her blood as well as high levels of pesticides and chemicals. She later learned this was due to the daily exposure of certain ingredients found in beauty care products. This news came as a surprise. She had spent 20 plus years in the fashion and beauty industry working with every major fashion magazine, designer, face, and photographer without ever having the knowledge these products could cause so much harm to one's health. After years of recovery, she decided to speak outwardly and openly about her experience in order to help women prevent having these same challenges. Rose-Marie created RMS to offer women a safe and healthy alternative which has anti aging, beautifying, long term benefits.

I have come to appreciate the brand, and the knowledge Rose-Marie continues to share on her site about beauty myths and the dangers of personal care products. I use the cream eye polish and the "un" coverup and look forward to incorporating more of her makeup into my daily look.

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