ORIGINAL LOOK - Color Blocking Hair


Have you grown tired of the ombre or dip-dye fad, the muted pastels, or your plain old day to day hair? I love to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone. Let's face it, I have always found hair experimentation thrilling. These days I sort of feel naturally pink, as I have mentioned before, I’ve been pink most of my life and don’t foresee a permanent change anytime soon. With that said, there are so many temporary ways to play with your look if you don’t want to go the full length or your job just simply won’t allow it.
I spent time with my hair guru Rebecca Friedman to create this half and half, blonde on blue look. After seeing some of the rainbow and neon green wigs she had made for Katy Perry’s tour, I felt that much more inspired to do something out of the ordinary. This time around we played with clip in pieces of hair as well as pieces we glued in. Not something I see my viewers doing at home. 


For something more time friendly, start by blowing your hair straight, unless you already have straight hair. Next, either brush a middle part or side part, and then try to smooth it out for a slicked down look. Then simply pick a side and color you would like to create a contrasting effect with and start to comb in the temporary color or use some colored hair chalk. I personally like the look of your natural hair on one part versus your pop colored hair on the other half. Depending on what color option you decide, instructions will vary, so please pay close attention to guidelines within each product. Once you have your temporary color sorted, go for a low and tight bun or pony tail, staying with the slicked down look. This style is one of the many ways you can play with color blocking your hair. If you are feeling a bit more committed to this look for a party or special occasion, take the concept to your hairstylist to fulfill your color blocking dreams.

On Darker hair, these colors may appear more subtle. Color may vary on different hair types. Please read and follow package instructions. 

Comb In Hair Color Pink    |     Comb In Hair Color Red    |     Comb In Hair Color Green

Hair Chalking - Please follow instructions, bare in mind hair chalking can be a bit messy.

Hair Chalking 01    |     Hair Chalking 02

Two Piece Gingham Set: Reformation (so many lovely two-piece sets available)

Sandals: Maryam Nassir Zadeh (this style is available in several colors)

Hair: Rebecca Friedman    |     Photo: Ricky Chan