Must Haves - This Works


How do you stay polished, fresh, and camera ready during the month-long period of shows around the clock and travels to major cities? I'm sure most industry types have got it lock and loaded, but for those of you still in search of helpful remedies, this line of beauty products entitled This Works may actually work for you. The scope of the British brand covers every necessary beauty tool consisting of natural ingredients sourced from British farmers. This Works, created by Journalist and Beauty expert Kathy Phillips, launched in 2003 with the intention of making a product which does not use harmful chemicals and is eco-conscious. Within the range of options are products catering to those in transit and those in need of assistance with sleep and rejuvenation. Try the In Transit Camera Close-Up for an all in one face boost or the In Transit Spray-On Moisture for instant relief while traveling. I have selected a few other options relating to travel and revitalization for this busy month. Goodbye New York and hello London, Milan, and Paris!

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