Doll Face

Experiment With Bold Eye-Makeup


It may be hard to believe it's that time of year again. The holidays are long gone, and the shows have begun with the quick lead up to Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter beginning again in February. What better way to celebrate the launch of this lavish time than with a bold eye? Try something totally different when attending a party, show, or even just a  simple dinner. This look lends itself to the 60's era, for which, of course, there are many versions, some simpler than others. I teamed up with makeup artist Rebecca Friedman to create this doll-like, Peggy Moffit inspired rendition. I have always adored the time of Courréges and all the strange experimenting that occurred during those days. 

One thing is for sure it wasn't a time of bronzing or any natural makeup, but a period that focused on dramatic eyes and lash stories. Any reminiscence of a doll seemed to be the incentive. Twiggy mentioned that she had created her iconic long lash look based on her childhood doll, making sure to do lash strips on top and bottom to emulate the dolls eyes. We repeated the same steps in our story. To be as pale, and matte as a doll were also key.


When building this matte look, I always opt for the Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass followed by your base routine. Some of the other products needed for this interpretation  were the classic white eye pencil and black liquid eyeliner. The white pencil is used to make the eye shape as well as to line the inside of your lower inner rims. We then traced the edge of the white liner with black liquid liner and applied black to the top of the lash as well. Remember to accentuate and extend the corners of your eyes for a real striking appearance. For the ultra doll face, sweep the apples of your cheeks with a pale pink blush and dot your eyes with glitter. Although the heavy lashes took some getting used to, I did enjoy revisiting this era.

Sweatshirt: Reformation

Make-up: Rebecca Friedman

Photos: Gregory Tuomi