Way To Glow

Black Light Makeup


Although Burning Man has long passed, I can't help but  notice the impact it has had. The enigmatic feeling continues to penetrate through dinner conversations and for some as a source of inspiration year round. I have yet to go myself, but I love seeing photos and hearing stories when friends return from their eye-opening excursion. I can be all about the colorful feathered headpieces, floral adorned bicycles, installations, and goggles in tow but because I'm 100% sober I've wondered whether I would have the same experience. I guess this beauty moment is an ode to my curiosity surrounding the idea of Burning Man. If we were to bring some of that free flowing enthusiasm back into our cities, a lip with glow appeal or neon cat eyes may not seem so farfetched at a party or night club.  In celebration of the Ready-to-Wear shows which will launch next week, why not experiment with your version of this glowing tale?

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Velvet Tulle Coat: David Koma From Curve  |  Earrings: Ludevine

Hair and Makeup: Rebecca Friedman

Photos: Gregory Tuomi