Original Look - Big Hair Big Flowers


Floral Adorned Hair


Don’t be fooled by the pink tresses of hair on my head. Despite the fact I adore being surrounded by nature and happen to live in the canyon, I rarely find myself picking wildflowers in grassy patches. Most of the time, I can be found buried in front of my computer. With that said, I am incredibly drawn to flowers and invite big frizzy hair alongside big flowers this spring season. Sort of a warped 70’s Sonia Rykiel amidst an interpretation of Tim Walker’s gardens. This look in particular was a playful experiment created by my hair guru Rebecca Friedman at the end of a long shoot day. I went a little nuts at the art supply store and bought a ton of lively faux flowers which she clipped and pinned strategically into my hair. These images were the blissful results. There is something enchanting about shooting at night, granted we were amongst the loudest family of frogs while photographing this story in front of a waterfall. It was our Maison Mittweg fairytale.

P.S. Don’t be surprised to see the Turban make its way back this Spring.

In order to recreate this look here are a few high and low options.

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Sweater: The Elder Statesman  |  Dress: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent From Resurrection  |  Ring: Colette From Broken English

Hair: Rebecca Friedman  |  Photos: Gregory Tuomi