Some of you may practice casual holiday festivities whereas others may have gatherings in more of a formal setting. None the less if your daughter is anything like mine, than any opportunity to wear party shoes comes with great excitement. My daughter Berlin loves most shoes in the pink, glitter, or leopard family. It's safe to say she is as crazy about shoes as her mother. Here are a few of our favorites this season. We wish you a beautiful start to your holidays!




When my daughter looks up at me with her doting eyes, its hard to resist another "Let It Go" sing along in the car. There must be some secret to those songs. My daughter and I do a lot of the normal mother-daughter activities, typically outside of the kitchen. Things like dress up, reading books, arts and crafts, plus a lot of pretend play. I do however try to incorporate activities that we can both truly enjoy like jewelry making and various coloring books. 

We recently discovered a series of coloring books by the London-based illustrator Nina Chakrabarti. These incredible books totally capture the hearts of anyone who is interested in fashion whether they are young and aspiring or have experience working in the industry. Nina Chakrabarti studied illustration at Central St. Martins and The Royal College Of Art in London but spent her early life in Calcutta, India. The series are broken into three books based around fashion history and covers all of the various designers from Maison Martin Margiela to 18th-century lace-up boots. There is a recent addition based entirely around shoes. While you and you little ones are adding color, sequins, glitter, or jewel stones to these pages, you may also learn a thing or two about Fashion, and it's glorious evolution.  

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My love for fashion has obviously enhanced my daughter’s closet, and although her development and education come first, I can’t help but be a little giddy when school starts. I have fond memories as a child going back to school shopping with my mother. We got the basics, but there were always a few fun perks. My daughter Berlin is in her second year of preschool, so there is a bit of prepping, but she doesn’t need a backpack for school yet. For all other outings, prior to leaving the house, she will always pack a backpack with toys and some snacks and enjoys the independence of carrying them around herself. Here are a few of our favorites this season. 



With the school year approaching, I know the days of pretty French dresses are coming to a close at least throughout the week. My daughter Berlin attends a multicultural, progressive, art school which my husband and I absolutely love. On the other hand, her wardrobe during the school year is  altered due to the obvious paint, dirt, and grass stains found on her clothing and body. One of the collections we will only see after school or over the weekend is Quenotte, a high-end line made entirely in France. Created by Parisian designers Agatha Philippart and Marie-Laure Lhuillier, this retro inspired label launched in 2010.The styles are both classic yet playful.

Berlin is wearing a micro paisley printed ruffle dress from the Spring collection, but it seems for Autumn and Winter Quenotte has featured more plaids and color blocking.

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Photo: Gregory Tuomi


There is no better way to light up your child’s room than with one of these stunning Zoé Rumeau light sculptures. I know I am not the first to feel this way as she has worked with stores like Bon Point and Harrods to create store installations. Although I am featuring her extraordinary nightlights which consist of wire and lights, Parisian artist Zoé Rumeau has also been known to create other sculptures to do with nature. Most of those sculptures are still made up of wire but include materials like hemp, silk, linen, fur, and feathers.

I would have to say these light sculptures are much more than a nightlight. These creations are a real work of art and have a way of transforming a room. Berlin and I chose the cherry since we adore most things cherry oriented, but there are several sweet shapes available. 

Dress: Dagmar Daley   |   Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens   |   Basket: Roberta Roller Rabbit   |   Dolls: Corolle Les Dollies

Photo: Gregory Tuomi

Daughter - Bang Bang Copenhagen Collection

Gymnastics was an after school activity I looked forward to as a child. The sparkly leotards, the thrilling rush of exercises, and being able to prance around barefoot became a joy of mine, one I remember well. My daughter Berlin seems to have the same fond feelings. There are a slew of adorable children's products and collections today, but one area lacking cute and tasteful items is gym leotards.

This was only a challenge up until I found Bang Bang Copenhagen, a Danish brand that makes Japanese origami inspired, fashionably playful clothing.The two designers Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager Heindorff founded the company in 2008 after having kids of their own.

Their view on children’s dressing is made of styles which are nongender based and circus friendly, that being said they are bold, fun, and make you smile.

Best of all they make unique leotards and dresses.Berlin and I are totally smitten! As cool as the pieces are, the collection is still easy to wear and made with the utmost quality.

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Photo: Gregory Tuomi



During one of the many hours, I spend a week on my computer browsing the web I came across this online Espadrille store. What excited me most about the store was the option to design a custom espadrille for my daughter Berlin with a few simple steps. This custom option is available for men and women as well. There are many companies today which offer these services, but most of them tend to be tedious. The look and make of the espadrilles are authentic, and although the store is based in Montreal, Canada, the shoes are handmade in a small village in Northern Spain. The red shoe shown in the above photo is one that Berlin and I designed together.


Start first by choosing the color of your espadrille, followed by your size. We had a hard time deciding between red, pink, or natural. In the end, we opted for red to give the shoe a Flamenco look, something more traditionally Spanish.


Secondly choose your lace style. You could go for something very stripped down and basic or take a more dramatic approach with added lace coverage on the shoe. Berlin and I chose to go  with heavier lacing.


Last of all you are left with options for your lace color. There is a large range from rainbow brights to black, white, and neutrals. You could go for a single solid color and match your laces to the ground color of your shoe. This look is more understated. 

Berlin will be pairing her Flamenco styled espadrilles with dancing dresses and blue jeans this summer.

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In the recent months I have started to include a lot more fringe in my wardrobe, it only seems fitting that I do the same for my daughter. I naturally purchase items for her that I would have wanted for myself as a child or even as an adult. Not usually anything covered in Nickelodeon cartoon characters. This brand Petitbo is what the creator has described as being “un peu bohème, un peu rock aussi!” in other words, Nordic bohemian with a little French touch. The designer Fia Reispass launched this fringe heavy collection made up of mostly certified organic cotton in 2011.

Although the company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, Fia resides by the beach in Biarritz in the South West of France.


Click here to shop for long-sleeve dress, here to shop for Leopard Minnetonka Moccasins worn with long sleeve dress, here to shop for black sleeveless dress & here to shop for similar Pom D'Api sandals worn with black sleeveless dress (also shown in Daughter's Looks).

Photo: Ricky Chan   |     Props: Pink Morocan Stool from Fire and Creme Kids




I first discovered Talc several years ago in Paris, while walking through Saint Germain.
Talc's designer is Paris native, Thérèse Yang, who launched the collection in 2007 with the intention of creating affordable, comfortable, and fashion-conscious products for children. Thérèse Yang has also been a Professor at the French fashion school, Studio BerÇot for ten years. Her clothing and accessories have a sophisticated, yet understated look. The collections always feel current with trends that are occurring in women's and men's fashion. 
During my first visit to the shop on Rue Jacob, I purchased a fringe purse with ears for Berlin as well as a few other things. Animal ears seem to be a trademark with the line as it pops up each season.The liberty print dress with lace combo and the floral crown are from her most recent collection, Spring 2014. Berlin asks to wear this dress all of the time! In the lookbook, the dress is paired with scrunchy socks and doc martens. Love the grunge interpretation for colder days.

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Photo: Ricky Chan




I remember, as a young child going wild over wish bracelets and friendship necklaces. We would spend all this time deciding on specifically what to wish for or feeling very serious about who we shared our friendship jewelry with. Although my daughter Berlin is still too young and may not completely comprehend this concept, these Emma Cassi fruit wish bracelets will definitely become a favorite. Their neon colors and adorable lemon, lime, strawberry, and banana charms are a wonderful summer addition.

Native to France, Emma Cassi, has been designing jewelry in London since 1999. While she mainly designs unique pieces for women using lace and embroidered sustainable materials, I was pleased to come across these bracelets at a kids store called Fire and Creme in Venice, California. Owned by a lovely friend, Peggy North, this is an incredible place to shop for children's treasures as well as a full service event planning company. Berlin and I love when fruits and fashion merge!

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My daughter, Berlin, is now 3 and a half years old, I can't believe how fast time passes by. One moment she is learning to sit upright and the next she is sharing her opinions on which shoes to wear. I can't just slip things on her anymore, as she wants to be a part of making these decisions (which I encourage). 

But for those who still have little babies to dress and a love for shoes, I have found a precious collection of soft soled suede moccasins. The line is called "Into The Wild”, created by a mother named Merrill, and handcrafted with the utmost respect for nature and it's wild ways. 

The booties go up to 18 months and come decorated with feathers or beads and lace around the ankle in order not to slip off. The collection also offers moccasins for mothers which have a much more simple and solid design. 

I adore the pair with peacock feathers as well as the ones with pop colored feathers. These would make a great gift.

Click here to shop INTO THE WILD.



Like most mothers, I cherish the smiles on my child’s face and look forward to playing a part in her daily exploration.

Imagination at a young age is everything. For me, hidden behind my day to day responsibilities, is a little girl who still wants to hoola hoop, play with dolls, and live in an imaginary state.

So when I came across these Japanese geta sandals, which leave behind animal tracks, I knew they were something my daughter, Berlin, would adore.


Designed by Kaz Shiomi, for the Japanese brand Kiko, these traditional wooden clog / flip-flop shoes leave behind cat, monkey, lizard, or owl marks on any dirt patch or sandy beach.

Kaz’s objective with the brand is to create a range of environmentally friendly (forest stewardship council certified) wooden toys in fun shapes and vivid colors to bring special moments of magic to children of all races. In any language kids can make their foot prints.

Berlin and I are sure to pack these in her beach essentials. We of course loved the pink cat paws!

We hope you and your little ones enjoy them as much as we do.

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Dress: Ode




My daughter, Berlin, is a constant inspiration, and since having her I have become mildly obsessed with all things children related. I am always on the hunt for creative and fun activites for us to do together. 

One of our favorites activities is a great eco-friendly product. Paris based “OMY design and play” is a line of cheerful things which cover your walls and light up your night with graphics and illustrations. They make dreamy costumes and decorative decals.

Berlin and I often play with their paper animal costumes and color in their giant coloring rolls filled with whimsical characters and landscapes. Her playroom and bedroom are decorated with their fantastic posters.

Cardboard play houses and doll houses seem to be more common these days, but “kids on the roof” is another spectacular line. The dutch company makes a bright turquoise doll house which is super light and adds a lot of character to any room. 

Lastly Berlin’s french cafe by Little Play Spaces” is perfect for an afternoon of imaginative play.  It’s decorated to look just like something off the streets of Paris!

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Leopard Dress: American Apparel  | Leopard Leggings: American Apparel  | Sandals: Bonpoint