My daughter, Berlin, is a constant inspiration, and since having her I have become mildly obsessed with all things children related. I am always on the hunt for creative and fun activites for us to do together. 

One of our favorites activities is a great eco-friendly product. Paris based “OMY design and play” is a line of cheerful things which cover your walls and light up your night with graphics and illustrations. They make dreamy costumes and decorative decals.

Berlin and I often play with their paper animal costumes and color in their giant coloring rolls filled with whimsical characters and landscapes. Her playroom and bedroom are decorated with their fantastic posters.

Cardboard play houses and doll houses seem to be more common these days, but “kids on the roof” is another spectacular line. The dutch company makes a bright turquoise doll house which is super light and adds a lot of character to any room. 

Lastly Berlin’s french cafe by Little Play Spaces” is perfect for an afternoon of imaginative play.  It’s decorated to look just like something off the streets of Paris!

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