My daughter, Berlin, is now 3 and a half years old, I can't believe how fast time passes by. One moment she is learning to sit upright and the next she is sharing her opinions on which shoes to wear. I can't just slip things on her anymore, as she wants to be a part of making these decisions (which I encourage). 

But for those who still have little babies to dress and a love for shoes, I have found a precious collection of soft soled suede moccasins. The line is called "Into The Wild”, created by a mother named Merrill, and handcrafted with the utmost respect for nature and it's wild ways. 

The booties go up to 18 months and come decorated with feathers or beads and lace around the ankle in order not to slip off. The collection also offers moccasins for mothers which have a much more simple and solid design. 

I adore the pair with peacock feathers as well as the ones with pop colored feathers. These would make a great gift.

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