Like most mothers, I cherish the smiles on my child’s face and look forward to playing a part in her daily exploration.

Imagination at a young age is everything. For me, hidden behind my day to day responsibilities, is a little girl who still wants to hoola hoop, play with dolls, and live in an imaginary state.

So when I came across these Japanese geta sandals, which leave behind animal tracks, I knew they were something my daughter, Berlin, would adore.


Designed by Kaz Shiomi, for the Japanese brand Kiko, these traditional wooden clog / flip-flop shoes leave behind cat, monkey, lizard, or owl marks on any dirt patch or sandy beach.

Kaz’s objective with the brand is to create a range of environmentally friendly (forest stewardship council certified) wooden toys in fun shapes and vivid colors to bring special moments of magic to children of all races. In any language kids can make their foot prints.

Berlin and I are sure to pack these in her beach essentials. We of course loved the pink cat paws!

We hope you and your little ones enjoy them as much as we do.

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Dress: Ode