Daughter - Bang Bang Copenhagen Collection

Gymnastics was an after school activity I looked forward to as a child. The sparkly leotards, the thrilling rush of exercises, and being able to prance around barefoot became a joy of mine, one I remember well. My daughter Berlin seems to have the same fond feelings. There are a slew of adorable children's products and collections today, but one area lacking cute and tasteful items is gym leotards.

This was only a challenge up until I found Bang Bang Copenhagen, a Danish brand that makes Japanese origami inspired, fashionably playful clothing.The two designers Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager Heindorff founded the company in 2008 after having kids of their own.

Their view on children’s dressing is made of styles which are nongender based and circus friendly, that being said they are bold, fun, and make you smile.

Best of all they make unique leotards and dresses.Berlin and I are totally smitten! As cool as the pieces are, the collection is still easy to wear and made with the utmost quality.

Click here to shop the collection. 

Photo: Gregory Tuomi