The Designer Behind The Ultimate Bohemian Dream

Not Folk’in Around


Gypset, flower child, and a free spirit are just a few of the words used to describe an eclectic bohemian experience. In a supercharged world of fashion types, that experience would be nothing without the proper boho garb. We have seen many designers step up to the plate and create hippie chic or folk inspired collections fit for a 60’s or 70’s queen. But one who has caught the immediate attention of our fashion set is the Ukranian designer, Vita Kin.

Borrowing from her roots, Vita has given new life to the traditional Ukranian costume know as the vyshyvanka, an embroidered blouse. Using age-old techniques by hand and a modern spin with oversized tassels, neon accents, and Aztec patterns this collection is certainly one to gawk over. If you haven’t already vacationed this summer and your pocket book will allow the expense, then take one of these dreamy folk dresses with you as they hit and this August. 

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15 Ways To Shield Your Face On Sunny Days

Hats Off To You



Hats off to the ladies who lather up in sunscreen and spend their time in the sun wisely. As tempting as your blue skies and sunshine may be, its important these days to be conscious of those ultraviolet rays. Sitting by the pool or on the beach before 11:00 am and after 3:00 pm is said to be safer than during those hours of direct sunlight. Sunbathing has always been a leisurely activity I have indulged, but I try to be more cautious now. For those mindful types, what better way to shield the sun than in an exquisite hat. Shop some of my favorites in the gallery below and enjoy your summer!

Hat: Eugenia Kim   |   Bodysuit: Lisa Marie Fernandez

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


For The Girl Who Can Never Have Enough Dresses

Dress Obsessed



The dress category seems to take up the sum of my closet. I am totally and utterly a dress gal. Whether a mini, midi, shift, or full skirted, I am dedicated to my dresses. In the summer months, there is nothing I love more than the ease of throwing something on with a pair of shoes and without the added worry of additional layers. Here is a selection of my favorite and current buy now/wear now picks as we head out of spring sales and into fall collections during warmer climates.

Dress: Lisa Marie Fernandez   |   Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana   |   Choker: Pixie Market

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Incorporating Earthly Elements Into Your Look

Natural Born Earrings



One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with earrings. I find them to be the most fun and expressive form of jewelry whereas bracelets, rings, and necklaces tend to be more sentimental in my life. There is nothing I love more than tying back my hair and allowing a bold or unusual earring to take center stage. These days I am drawn to pieces relating to nature. There is something very feminine and wholesome about wearing jewelry that brings us back to our mother earth. 

While investigating this area, I came across jewelry designer, Daniela Villegas, who views life as her playground and draws inspiration from nature, friends, and family.  Each of her handcrafted pieces are one of a kind and made from all sorts of unexpected materials such as wood, porcupine quills, feathers, insects, and pebbles with 18K gold and precious stones. The ethereal winged earrings worn in this feature are part of her freedom collection and are like nothing I have seen before. 

For more earthbound earrings, shop the gallery below.

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Yellow Winged Earrings: Daniela Villegas From Rosark   |   Blue Feather Earrings: Etro

Top: Raquel Allegra   |   Shorts: RE/DONE   |   Shoes: Maryam Nassir Zadeh From Mohawk General Store

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


11 Pastels To Spring Your Wardrobe Into Action

Color Me Pastel



One of the nice things about the pastel range is its versatility. It can be worn year round depending on the weight and fabrication. We have seen pastels in both spring and winter seasons and regardless of which they always seem to bring the same feminine and luminous effect into one’s wardrobe. I never have shied away from the pastel rainbow and am perfectly happy pairing pieces back to my dusty pink hair. 

When I began the site, I connected with a young New York based designer named Alyson Eastman, who was in the early stages of her self-titled label. She had just launched her first Spring/Summer collection for 2015. The pieces were playful and ladylike with fun surprise moments. On her recent trip to Los Angeles, I was able to preview her Fall/Winter pieces in the flesh and, of course, was immediately drawn to her pastel story. The collection maintained all of the earlier elements but included a hearty dose of new textures and insets. Among the layering of tailored silhouettes were my favorite highlights of combination pleating and fur accents. Alyson Eastman studied design at FIDM in Los Angeles and Mod’Art in Paris, she currently resides in New York City where she produces her line. 

Shop the gallery below for a few handpicked pastel products for those of you who are still timid and may just be introducing this color range into your life.

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Dress and Fur Piece: Alyson Eastman   |   Shoes: Rochas
My Husband’s Shirt: Maison Margiela (not current season)   |   Skirt: Alyson Eastman

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


11 Beach Approved Totes For Your Day In The Sun

Summer Lovin Totes



What’s in your beach tote? Are you the minimalist or the Mary Poppin’s type? I have always thought that the smaller the bag, the fewer things I’d be apt to carry. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case, especially for a day of sun and ocean dipping. Here are some of my number one picks this season for those who need to have all their necessities in tow and look great while doing so. These pieces are versatile and could be worn during most summer day time occasions. 

Dress: St. Roche   |   Shoes: Markus Lupfer   |   Bag: En Shalla

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


11 Style-Worthy Belts To Tie Your Look Together

Belt Your Look



From fringe to a rope followed by embellished or western, it seems the enthusiasm behind belts for women has resurfaced. The not so often necessary accessory for us, lady types can sometimes be the perfect adornment to complete a look. A free flowing voluminous dress may  look best cinched in at the waist with something decorative. High waisted jeans paired with a beaded belt or a blanket coat tied off with a simple belt could do wonders with your daily attire. This season why not add a new belt to your wardrobe.

Top and Dress: The Elder Statesman   |   Vintage Fringe Belt: Resurrection   |   Ballet Slipper: Bloch

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi

Learning To Love The Pink In You

Western Pink



I’m not sure when my love affair with pink began. It certainly had nothing to do with my parents. I didn’t have many pink things growing up nor a pink room. At seventeen, I decided to cut all of my hair off boy short and dye it blue. This color was hard to maintain, so I opted for pink instead. Ever since then, this color has been my happy place. It hasn't gone any farther than my hair or closet, although today I get to live vicariously through my daughter who has a pink room. I can't imagine why it has been so gender specific or feared by so many. Invite a little pink into your life, and you may be surprised by the jubilant feeling it evokes. Include the incredible range of pink into your 70's or western inspired dressing this season whether muted or shocking.

Shocking Pink Dress With Collar: House Of Holland   |   Shoes:  Rivieras

Light Pink Dress: J Brand X Simone Rocha   |   Tassel Earrings: Oscar De La Renta

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Nicola Formichetti’s Harajuku Sportswear

Nicopanda Obsession



When my family and I first moved to Los Angeles, I felt like a complete outsider. I was already different with a mixed background of Japanese and German, but I was arriving here from London and Tokyo. It couldn’t have been a greater culture shock. These differences are ones that I cherish and embrace now, but as a young kid I found it hard. Today when I come across other Eurasians I am thrilled, there seems to be some immediate sense of camaraderie. One that I have followed over the years is the ultra-cool Japanese and Italian, Nicola Formichetti, who has worked with everyone from Gaga, Mugler, Uniqlo, and today as Diesel’s art director. He also serves as fashion director at publications like Another Man and Vogue Homme Japan.

If you have ever visited his Instagram or Tumblr accounts, you will find that there is an overflowing supply of animated and street inspired cuteness. The pages also include his two little Pomeranians, Tank and Bambi, who have their own popular Twitter and Instagram accounts. Nicola Formichetti has mentioned that Nicopanda was born out of a hobby he started three years ago with a maga spin. Today this can be seen as a full range sportswear collection having launched for Spring 2015. Among the reasonably priced collection are fun athletic-inspired unisex pieces with Neoprene, Mesh lace and Harajuku Princess details like bows, girl ruffles, and pastel colors. I recently purchased several pieces from the collection and loved the untraditional and playful references. Looking forward to more kawaii collectibles from Formichetti.

Click here to shop the collection.

Shoes: Sophia Webster

Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Sustainable African Footwear With A Cause

Brother Vellies



Letting loose on the desert during festival's like Coachella isn’t what it once was. It seems that these days making a lasting fashion impression during festival season is almost as important as one you would make during fashion week. With that said you might want to include these ultra bold - modern day desert shoes as you pack your bikini tops, cutoff shorts and swinging dresses.

The ethically-minded, African footwear entitled Brother Vellies comes in a range of handmade sandals, boots, and other styles. Aurora James, the label’s creator, had a vision of bringing traditional footwear to the rest of the world while sustaining artisanal jobs. Every shoe is made in either South Africa, Kenya or Namibia using techniques that have been refined over many generations. Brooklyn-based, James, launched her company in 2013 coining the slang term “vellies” which are classic South African and Namibian rawhide shoes typically known as Veldskoen. 

Although Gladiator sandals have found their way back into our closet, I think that these lace up sandals with tassels, or feather adorned sandals fall totally in line with the 70’s desert type look. Have fun as you set foot on your journey towards a sea of hair flipping and dancing at the upcoming Coachella. 

Click here to shop more weekend getaway pieces.

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Designers - Masterpeace


Heavy Crown


Although there has been a political struggle in Russia, the vigor behind fashion types and designers based there continues to move forward. As we have come to know designers such as Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko, the country that breeds beautiful folklore and a richness in crafts has inspired yet another talent to emerge. A jewelry and accessories designer named Evgenia Linovich, who heads her label Masterpeace. The Moscow label created in 2012 soon after long travels across Russia is truly an homage to the designer’s heritage. Part of what has struck me most about the collection is the broad range of headbands, each fit for royalty and adorned with precious stones and pearls. Evgenia Linovich has mentioned that with her dedication to local artisans, she plans to keep these ancient professions alive and current through her intricately handcrafted pieces. With all seriousness aside when viewing a headband covered in carrots or a polka dot denim crown, its obvious there is some underlying humor in which I always find to be refreshing and quirky. Masterpiece embodies regal qualities, Russian traditions, and a playfulness leaving us with a tremendous treasure. Be sure to explore this brand.

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Trends - Fashion Armor

Chain Reaction

Chain-Worthy Pieces To Link Us Together


Fashion consisting of metal materials have certainly come a long way since the forgotten days of the middle age. We can thank a few talents for exploring this unconventional yet beautifully sculptural way of dressing. One who is notorious for using unusual materials is the iconic designer Paco Rabanne who many called the “metal worker”. His costumes for the cult film Barbarella, as well as photos of Françoise Hardy in those plated mini dresses, have left imprints in fashion history.

Today Paco Rabanne’s well-rounded collections still feature variations of metal, but you can be sure to see updates such as leather discs, as opposed to silver, and many other accessible textures.

A more recent collection retraces moments from medieval history bringing to life powerful one of a kind  pieces that truly feel like armor. This Paris-based, namesake label is Aurelie Demel. Although she has made her mark with atypical chainmail designs, the range remains feminine  covering other bases with furs, velvets, and satins. The gold and silver toned chainmail top I am wearing has an unexpected softness due to the black cashmere woven throughout the style. This way of combining elements is the sort of contradiction I always love to see. If you haven’t already browsed the Fall 2015 shows, take a look at Alexander Wang’s ultra black collection filled with a plethora of chain details.

For those who have never taken a chance on chainmail or any metal for that matter, why not start with a purse, a pair of shoes, or an accessory? Here are some of my picks listed below.

Top: Aurelie Demel From Just One Eye  |   Bag: Paco Rabanne From Just One Eye  |  Jeans: RE/DUN

Photos: Gregory Tuomi

Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Location: These pictures were taken in Just One Eye


Designers - THEPERFEXT


Fringe With Benefits 


When some think of Los Angeles, they may picture sun kissed beaches, palm tree paved streets, and polished girls in proper boho attire. Truth be told they aren’t far off although today we have many new layers culturally, and one must always be reminded of the perpetual time spent in a car getting from A to B.

California-based collections are typically jean oriented or contemporary, so I was thrilled to discover THEPERFEXT, which is a luxury leather collection founded and made entirely in Los Angeles. You might recognize the pieces as they all seem to have one universal message that screams fringe. The label has been created by dynamic fashion duo Elyse Walker and Sable Banoun, who have both worked in the industry for many years. Elyse Walker, known for her namesake Palisades Boutique and now online experience Forward partnered with her longtime buyer Sable Banoun while connecting over must have pieces for women. If you haven’t already parlayed into the fringe trend, this will be your perfect (no pun intended) opportunity to swing as the jackets, skirts, and bags although classic truly have an original perspective. 

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Silken Favours

Hand Drawn Conversation Pieces From The Natural World


It's no surprise model turned designer Vicki Murdoch grew tired of how seriously fashion types may take themselves when you got a glimpse of her whimsical prints. Visions of kittens riding unicorns on a sea of tie-dye or heart-shaped patches of strawberries seemed far more enticing. While traveling for work as a model, she sketched in her journal and later these sketches  would become an integral part of the London-based collection Silken Favours.  Vicki Murdoch is the talent and creator behind Silken Favours, a collection built on silk scarves, clothing, and homeware each adorned with intricate prints that are originally hand drawn using traditional pen and ink techniques. The Scottish designer's greatest source of inspiration comes from the natural world, and her motives have always been to create objects that would make people smile. 

These beautiful drawings evoke something warm and fuzzy and yet they still feel utterly sophisticated. All the pieces are digitally printed in the UK and can be found in stores internationally. For something totally personal, Vicki Murdoch offers a bespoke service where you can add details that best suit you and your passions.

Click here to find a store near you.

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Jewelry made up of mythical symbols can be genuinely beautiful, but there are of course pieces that sometimes don't cross over. I have found that there has to be some underlying modern element or detail in the design that sets it apart from your supercharged spiritual jewelry. I think that is what I love most about the self-titled collection Noor Fares. Although the jewelry carries mystical themes and lucky motifs, the range appeals to all types. You may find an eye discreetly engraved on the inside of a ring that is thought to bring the wearer protection. In no way does it seem obtrusive, but rather more meaningful. Noor Fares has had an international upbringing. She was raised in Paris and then received her education at both Tufts University in Boston and Central Saint Martins in London where she currently resides. However, she is heavily influenced by her Lebanese heritage and exotic travels. Her keen sense of mixed media blends everything from diamonds, sapphire, rhodium, ebony, and mother of pearl so seamlessly. Don't be surprised if you are immediately captivated by her sharp geometric shapes dripping in dotted diamonds and rainbow mosaics. This fine jeweler is one to watch.

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These days I'm dreaming of turquoise waters, a golden complexion, and the sun-kissed weather. Some of you may already be on your way to an exotic wonderland. If you are still at home mulling around and sorting out what to pack for your holiday trip. Here is a wonderful assortment of my recent favorites. I am a dress gal so its dresses all the way on these trips, but for those of you who opt for cut-off shorts or sweatshirts there's plenty for you to play with here as well. Don't forget to pack sunscreen, I always like to use La Roche-Posay.

Bon Voyage!




In a city like Los Angeles, obtaining real friendships are a blessing and may not be the easiest to come by. With that said, I am grateful  to have my circle of girlfriends. One who I have shared many life experiences with is Elisabeth Weinstock, who is also responsible for introducing me to my husband.

So it goes without saying I am pleased to feature my dear friend and her many talents in home design as well as in lifestyle and luxury accessories. Elisabeth's overall esthetic always seems to blend classic with an edge so seamlessly. She first established her Los Angeles based, self-titled company Elisabeth Weinstock Design in 2002 as an interior design firm. Since then, the company has evolved into high-end  travel and lifestyle items as well as bags and backpacks for women and men created in exotic skins with impeccable craftwork. Elisabeth's offbeat charm can be found in her snakeskin boxing gloves or tampon boxes. The helmet and purse I'm carrying are pieces from her recent collection that I adore. This bag resembles a classic leather tool bag which we discovered together on a handy man while walking the streets of Paris. 

Shop the brand at luxury specialty stores like Maxfield. For the complete Elisabeth Weinstock experience, please visit her store on 3rd street where the collection range is displayed in a living room, dining room, man cave, and boudoir like setting.

P.S. These images were taken in Elisabeth's home.

Dress and Sweater: Raquel Allegra From Curve   |   Shoes: Isabel Marant From Curve
Helmet: Elisabeth Weinstock   |   Bag: Elisabeth Weinstock

Photos: Gregory Tuomi




Having grown up with a father in the film industry, my love for film started early. I have fond memories of lengthy discussions over movies and watching my father work in his hay day. An era of film that had impacted me most was the French New Wave period. 

When the opportunity came to play a mischievous jewelry thief in a short and silent new wave inspired film, I signed myself up immediately. The film was created in celebration of the jewelry store Broken English, and it was then that I had the pleasure of meeting the  store owner Laura Freedman. Broken English was first established in 2006 at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles, the feeling of the store evokes an intimate at home experience with some of my favorite hard to find collections. It's no surprise that the store has since then expanded to a much larger flagship location in New York City's Soho neighborhood. 

My sense of jewelry has always been rooted in sentiment. I almost never wear necklaces or bracelets, and I tend to wear more earrings and rings just out of sheer comfort. For the most part, I wear pieces that have been gifted to me during memorable moments of my life or by people I care for deeply. I have lost earrings along the way and because of this I have always worn mismatched pairs. I'd like to think that there are no real rules in day to day jewelry, unless I am dressing up and in which case I would put more effort forth in coordinating. 

With the holidays arriving at lightning speed, I suggest you peruse the Broken English site or pop into one of the store locations for incredible gift options. Surprise a loved one with a pair of  earrings this season.

P.S. Have a look below at the film entitled Parmi Les Vivants. I play a character  named Corinne with the black bob wig.

Inez and Vinoodh Wide Enamel Ring   |   Inez and Vinoodh Thin Enamel Ring   |   Inez and Vinoodh Double Ring   |   Gara Danielle Ring   |   C. Greene Cross Earrings   |   C. Greene Snake Drop Earrings   |   Sara Weinstock Ear Cuff   |   Sethi Couture Small Black Hoops   |   Borgioni Studs   |   Colette Black Garras Ear Cuff   |   Isabel Marant Sequin Top From Curve

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi




What better way to make an entrance than in bright colored, high-octane hand embellished pieces? If you haven't already been introduced to Ashish aka the "king of sequins" then you are in for a special treat. Ashish Gupta, who heads his London based label Ashish, has been bringing shimmer and sparkle to the industry since he graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2000. Originally from Delhi, this designer continues to revisit his roots by hand making all of his collections in India. In past seasons, you may have found baggy, and shapeless looks fully adorned whereas this season the styles are much more structured and refined. The surprise abundance of pearls in his current Fall collection fell right in line with his heavily jeweled sportswear pieces alongside his prom like tulle skirts and gowns. 

I don't typically wear a lot of sequins, but I find these glistening slogan tees, lace track pants, and opulent distressed jeans completely intoxicating. I know I am not  alone in this feeling as many of Ashish's pieces have been worn by various starlets like Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Victoria Beckham to name a few. If your pockets aren't steep enough to indulge in one of his Ready-To-Wear styles, then check with Topshop from time to time as he has been creating collections for them periodically.




Sometimes all it takes is a special pair of shoes or a memorable moment to launch one's love affair with footwear. My moment happened at around eight or so. I was in Japan with my grandmother who was wild about all things fashion related, and she took me shopping one afternoon and purchased my first pair of semi heeled shoes. They were white and for whatever reason they were the first of many I'd admire. 


Although there is an obscene amount of dreamy footwear available, one that has caught my eye for some time now is Paris-based designer, Laurence Dacade. Her namesake collection launched in 2003 and can be found in stores internationally. Laurence Dacade mentioned her love affair began when she was fourteen years old and made her first solo shoe purchase which were a red and blue pair of striped ballerinas with a large bow. Her basis for inspiration is rooted in designing shoes for Cinderella, in conjunction with a rock and roll love and an underlying sex appeal. With training at the Afpic School and designing gigs at other big brands, we can always expect her shoes to have that comfort and Parisian ease.Update your wardrobe with a pair of lavish boots from Laurence Decade's collection this fall. Both the buckle and studded boots have stolen my heart.

Click here to see Laurence Dacade styled in a look.