The perfect pair of blue jeans can go a long way in one's wardrobe. If you are anything like me then, you are doing your jean shopping once every year or so and updating along the way if there is something you absolutely love and must have. The only challenge there is that the denim market has become saturated with trends and when visiting a store, its very difficult to tell one jean from the rest. How many skinny jeans can a girl own? Thankfully today there are many young and  innovative companies on the rise satisfying our needs as the industry continues to take new shape.

One that you may find making a ripple in the area is RE/DONE. This company has managed to grant every girls wish for the ultimate pair of vintage Levis without the hard work and hassle of a vintage scavenger hunt. The creators, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur are both fashion entrepreneurs who came upon this space in the market and took an online approach. I feel that their web experience has allowed us to join their journey on an intimate level. Each recycled jean is hand selected from local rag houses, ripped apart and reconstructed into today's modern fits. Every rip, tear, and stain has come from an authentic and well worn touch leaving each one unique. Their limited supply has left us on our toes, some of us on a waiting list hoping to find our very own pair make its way home. My daughter Berlin and I were lucky enough to be part of their first campaign and since then there have been many more recognizable faces to take part in RE/DONE's story. 

Another unusually blue collection that has come up on our radar is designer collection Marques' Almeida. The duo behind this brand is Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. These two Central Saint Martin alums launched their label in 2011 on a platform of structured and abstract frayed denim which can still currently be found in their collection. I have a great appreciation for their sense of non-traditional denim dressing. With a background at Vivienne Westwood and Preen, their forward-thinking deconstructed shapes comes as no surprise. Watch these two brands flourish and continue to bend the hard drawn lines in the market today.

Denim Shirt: Vintage Levis   |   Jeans: RE/DONE   |   Denim Dress: Marques' Almeida

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Interview With RE/DONE - 

01. What makes a blue jean perfect in your eyes?

SB: The perfect jeans tell a story. The wear patterns.

JM: Definitely the color. It's all about the jean having some contrast between light and dark. In Japan they call it Hige, it translates to character or mustache. I've heard both. Your part Japanese do you know?


02. What is RE/DONE’s underlying brand message?

SB: Individuality - most clothing brands mass produce. Girls should be able to have a jean that everyone else doesn’t have. We deliver a completely unique jean and experience.

JM: Individuality.


03. Name one of your favorite Levi’s moments. Could be a photograph, a campaign, a film, etc.

JM: Bruce Springsteen born in the USA album cover and a pic of Bob Dylan walking down the street in his 505s in the mid-60s. Marilyn Monroe in her 50s women fitI have like 20 more of my faves but you will get bored. 


04.  If RE/DONE were to put on a good old fashion runway show, name three people you’d want front row.

SB: Bernard Arnou, Kate Moss, and Cynthia Mittweg.

JM: Ralph Lauren, my Fiancé, and my daughter. If I were to exclude family it would be Ralph Lauren, Lenny Kravitz and Hedi Slimane. Fashion people who I think just get it. The RRL brand really inspired me for the last 5 years and all the people who work in all the stores have such a love for vintage Americana. Doug Bilmier, who is Ralph Lauren's right hand, has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He basically runs around the country buying all the vintage for Ralph whether it's leather jackets, boots, watches, rugs, furniture, etc. Long story short. 


05. How do you, as two males see women styling their RE/DONE jeans?

SB: Depends on the fit and the girl. Personally for fall, a big chunky elder statesman sweater with moto boots. 

JM: Sean has his own ideas for this, for me my favorite thing on a girl is a pair of Levis and a tank top with no bra. I have always thought that was my favorite look. Maybe converse and a leather jacket or boots.I really don't know women's fashion to be honest.. Just denim 


06. If you could collaborate with any artist on a capsule collection, who would it be?

SB: Lucien Smith


07. Can you give viewers any insight on starting an online business today?

SB: Be sure to understand your "why" and tell the story.

JM: Yeah it's not impossible and it might seem overwhelming but stay focused, don't ever stop and after 6 months to a year you will look back and realize that you accomplished a lot. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, figure out who you are as a company and just stay in your lane and go! Also crawl walk run, my partner says that every day to me. He's right.


08. What can we expect to see in the coming year from RE/DONE?

SB: New pop up in NYC @warm. And men's!!