When channeling your inner Grace Kelly, be sure to add the infamous Grace box trunk to your wardrobe. The accessory made famous in the Hitchcock film “ Rear Window” made its notable appearance as Grace Kelly’s overnight case. American Luxury Goods brand Mark Cross were the creators of this shoulder bag, and their legendary line of heritage would baffle many. The brand’s foray in 1845 began with the classic horse saddle, harness, and trunk. It wasn't long before the company was bought out by Patrick Murphy and then spearheaded by his son Gerald. 


Gerald Murphy and his wife Sara garnered a lot of society praise when they moved to Paris in 1921 and became the center of a group filled with popular artists and writers. 

The pair could be found funding the “Ballet Russe”, having a portrait done by Picasso, spending time with their friends Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, or supporting Ernest Hemingway's finances. Although their time at Mark Cross ended in the 50’s, the company went on until 1997 and then closed. It was relaunched in 2010 with a beautiful range of accessories and of course the iconic box trunk which resurfaced with small design updates. I adore this timeless piece, and it’s prize-worthy history.