I won’t say that I have any opinions about others wearing fur because I have owned pieces at one time, or another and choose to come from a neutral position. I will however say that there are so many incredibly lush and warm faux fur options to date, why not take the animal-friendly approach? I know I have the luxury of living in Los Angeles where our weather can be very even-keeled so the need for fur in order to keep out of the cold is less necessary. While traveling in colder climates, I tend to lean on my extra warm pieces and am thrilled to find that so many more designers are working with faux fur these days. One that I love and have featured in these photos is a collection made up entirely of faux fur coats and clutches called Shrimps. The designer, Hannah Weiland is based in Soho, London and creates colorful styles in simple shapes with unlikely moments. For someone who doesn’t shy away from color and in fact adores it, this is down right candy.

Hannah Weiland has mentioned that the synthetic materials for faux fur are getting better, it was once polyester and the new range of offerings are 89% mode acrylic giving it a much softer hand. With so many of these coats feeling more like the real deal, try something guilt free.

Faux Fur Pullover: Gosha Rubchinskiy (Men’s Collection With Unisex Pieces)   |   Skirt:  Redvalentino   |   Similar Sneakers: Nike Air Max 1   |   Coat: Shrimps   |   Clutch: Shrimps

Photo: Gregory Tuomi