Cuisse de Grenouille, meaning "Frog Legs”, is a men's ready to wear brand inspired by 50's surfing in California. Created by two Parisian brothers, Lucas and Severin, in 2010. The urban-minded surf line is a full range collection with a ton of accessories made entirely in Europe. They recently designed a sweatshirt with the phrase "surf in paris” in textured letters. I especially love this sweatshirt, as I have married into a family of surfers and really enjoy the culture. I tend to wear a lot of men's sweatshirts, but this one with it's easy fit can be worn by either a woman or man. Very few stores in the US carry this line, but I was introduced to the brand by my darling surfer friend Winnie Beattie who carries it in her NYC boutique Warm. Next time I am in Paris, I will be sure to visit their flagship store.

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