While some ladies feel timid about showing their underpinnings outside of the boudoir, New York-based Jennifer Zuccarini has created a culture  surrounding this idea. Fleur Du Mal which means "flower of evil" was created in 2012 with a range of stylish lingerie and ready to wear. Jennifer's noteworthy career in intimates began many years prior as Co-Founder and Creative Director for Kiki De Montparnasse, then Design Director at Victoria's Secret.
The ultra seductive lingerie collection is made up of pieces like triangle leather bras, lace catsuits, satin bullet bras and garter belts, and tulle corselettes all of which are made to be seen. The ready to wear portion consists of leather and a ton of sheer dressing like chiffon jumpsuits and dresses with lace underlays as well as lace tuxedo pants. Although there are so many pieces I desire, I can't help but feel  drawn to the floral pink kimono pictured in the story. At home, I prefer a kimono over a robe.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer in New York, years ago. It has been a while since we last got to catch up, but I have such fond memories of our trip to the All Points West Electronic music festival on Liberty Island during the summer of 2008. (I met my hubby that Spring)

When you feel ready to turn in your nude seamless panties, I suggest you have a look below at some of my selects.

01. Which pieces from your Fleur Du Mal collection do you wear most? 

JZ: I wear our silk front strap bra all the time, it’s almost more like an accessory - it completely changes the look of a shirt or tank when the straps are exposed. I wear our leather skirt with snaps constantly. 


02. Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, or Anna Karina? 

JZ: Bardot with a dash of Deneuve 


03. Is there a film or a song that embodies the spirit of Fleur Du Mal?

JZ: It’s kind of crazy, but the movie Purple Rain really influenced me growing up. I can’t think of a film that completely embodies Fleur but I’m always inspired by music and film. One of my favorite characters is Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. 


04. The most seductive lipstick Color? ( Brand/Color) 

JZ: Tom Ford Cherry Lush 


05. On what occasions do you find yourself wearing a corset and how would you style this look? 

JZ: It’s fun to make a corset a bit less predictable looking and style it over a white tee with boyfriend jeans or denim shorts. 


06. Your most memorable fashion moment at either Kiki De Montparnasse or Victoria's Secret? 

JZ: There have been so many exciting moments! One that comes to mind was when I was at Kiki, and I made custom lingerie pieces for a famous director. He actually sent me sketches, swatches and mood boards. I made everything exactly how he wanted it. It was interesting to interpret someone’s designs who comes from another creative field. I also absolutely loved when Carine Roitfeld used my Eiffel tower panty in a big 2-page spread in French Vogue in 2008.  

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Photo   |    Ricky Chan