As the height of summer has arrived, and my pink mane borders between happily wavy and restlessly tangled, I've become hungry for new hair styling options. The thought of a traditional up-do or braiding technique seems underwhelming, so I opted for whimsical headpieces and tiaras which can be worn effortlessly with your hair down.

On my search for something bold, I stumbled across Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter's eye-catching collection and felt immediately captivated by her feather cuffs and spider bangles, but most of all by her beautifully peculiar head pieces. 

The leaf and wing tiaras, the snake leaf or moon and star headpieces can easily transcend you into some Lost World or Swedish folk tale. 


This feeling falls in line with the designer's dark and playful inspiration which is drawn from folk tales and mythology as well as the diversity found on the streets of Stockholm.

Maria Nilsdotter graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2007, that same year she launched her collection which has naturally grown. In 2013, she opened the doors to her flagship store in central Stockholm. 

I have worn the feather tiara with Cheyann Benedict's hand painted silk gauze dress for a more emotional look, but for something more understated, you could wear these pieces with a simple summer dress or jeans. 

Dress: Cheyann Benedict

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Photo: Gregory Tuomi