Ladies, if you are growing tired of your giant totes, pouches, envelopes, and satchels? Then you might appreciate this story. There is no better way to enter a room or get a conversation going than armed ready with a conversational piece to tie your look together. I know they may not always be the most practical, given the small spaces some of these odd purse shapes hold. 


On the other hand, having less space in our purses will inevitably prevent us from carrying all the unnecessary items we lug around in our shoulder bags throughout the day. In the recent, seasons, we are seeing designers experiment with their classic shapes as well as find some humor in this oh so serious business we call fashion. Whether it be food or grocery oriented, references of clothing, abstract face moments or something simply inspired by popular culture, there is a beautiful range to explore. I love this playful and surrealist time in accessories. I look forward to seeing more of the micro-miniature bags, structured purse trunks and boxes, backpacks and of course fanny packs alongside these conversation starters.