Mastering metal designs is a career path we have only seen a few designers actively pursue. I have forever marveled over Paco Rabanne’s stunning collections and costume work in moments like Barbarella. I don’t think anyone else has come to surface in this area with the same impact. That is until Swedish-born designer Fannie Schiavoni launched her collection in 2009 with a fresh perspective on chainmail. Having studied in London and interned for such greats as Hussein Chalayan and Giles Deacon, her background in  tailoring and traditional methods have paved the way to her unique approach to metal accessories. It may be common to find her pieces on high profile artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but she also enjoys seeing her designs worn over a pink lace frock on a classically dressed woman for the perfect contrast. Fannie Schiavoni’s collection is based in London, but sold in stores internationally.

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