In today's world, everyone has a different point of view when it comes to dressing with sex appeal. I think it all depends on your body type and how to highlight areas that best suit your shape. With that said bodysuits can go a long way in one's wardrobe. For years, Wolford's basic closed neck bodysuit in black has been my closet staple. I have worn it under sweaters, with skirts and relaxed jeans. There have also been more lace adorned bodysuits that come and go depending on the season. A basic approach may not be right for you, but thankfully there is an array of body hugging choices available for any occasion. Bodysuits that are more basic can be worn with a ball gown skirt or something emotional and full shaped on the bottom. A more revealing bodysuit can be worn with a pair of masculine trousers or under a blazer jacket. If you are opting for a printed bodysuit or one with more embellishment than a pair of slouchier jeans, overalls, or casual pants may create a nice balance. This season why not try experimenting with a bodysuit if you haven't already?

Bodysuit: Wolford   |   Skirt: Vintage Chanel From Ressurrection

Photo: Gregory Tuomi