These days we see so many new brands fill the already saturated market in hopes of cracking the surface and making a real business. In order to break through, a designer most of the time must have a unique point of view or niche if you will. Coming from a prestigious and sophisticated background can't hurt either.

One young designer we have come to know this year is  Lauren Khoo, who has created a fine jewelry brand infused with experimental designs entitled Lauren X Khoo. The intricate pieces are hand crafted by a single craftsman in Hong Kong and produced in limited quantities that include a bespoke collection to satisfy your personal preferences.


Lauren Khoo born in Singapore to a Chinese family now lives between New York and Hong Kong. Having graduated from Brown University, majoring in architecture and visual arts, its no surprise her jewelry design is influenced by her architectural interests. What I have found most fascinating is the component of movement in her pieces as well as the Cosmos collection inspired by "Princess Fantasies." The Starburst cuff, which is a star shaped cuff done in multi-colored sapphires might be my dream piece. Her spinning Stellar star shaped ring brings me back to memories of my childhood and my obsession with Gem and The Holograms. You can shop the brand in stores like Dover Street and Colette as well as make inquiries on her site. Lauren Khoo has mentioned her most popular pieces to date are her movable serpent ring and full-length bendable ring with a Chinoise lattice design. I love her sense of playfulness in her luxury pieces.

Click here to view more of Lauren X Khoo's designs