Jewelry made up of mythical symbols can be genuinely beautiful, but there are of course pieces that sometimes don't cross over. I have found that there has to be some underlying modern element or detail in the design that sets it apart from your supercharged spiritual jewelry. I think that is what I love most about the self-titled collection Noor Fares. Although the jewelry carries mystical themes and lucky motifs, the range appeals to all types. You may find an eye discreetly engraved on the inside of a ring that is thought to bring the wearer protection. In no way does it seem obtrusive, but rather more meaningful. Noor Fares has had an international upbringing. She was raised in Paris and then received her education at both Tufts University in Boston and Central Saint Martins in London where she currently resides. However, she is heavily influenced by her Lebanese heritage and exotic travels. Her keen sense of mixed media blends everything from diamonds, sapphire, rhodium, ebony, and mother of pearl so seamlessly. Don't be surprised if you are immediately captivated by her sharp geometric shapes dripping in dotted diamonds and rainbow mosaics. This fine jeweler is one to watch.

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