Designers - THEPERFEXT


Fringe With Benefits 


When some think of Los Angeles, they may picture sun kissed beaches, palm tree paved streets, and polished girls in proper boho attire. Truth be told they aren’t far off although today we have many new layers culturally, and one must always be reminded of the perpetual time spent in a car getting from A to B.

California-based collections are typically jean oriented or contemporary, so I was thrilled to discover THEPERFEXT, which is a luxury leather collection founded and made entirely in Los Angeles. You might recognize the pieces as they all seem to have one universal message that screams fringe. The label has been created by dynamic fashion duo Elyse Walker and Sable Banoun, who have both worked in the industry for many years. Elyse Walker, known for her namesake Palisades Boutique and now online experience Forward partnered with her longtime buyer Sable Banoun while connecting over must have pieces for women. If you haven’t already parlayed into the fringe trend, this will be your perfect (no pun intended) opportunity to swing as the jackets, skirts, and bags although classic truly have an original perspective. 

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