Designers - Masterpeace


Heavy Crown


Although there has been a political struggle in Russia, the vigor behind fashion types and designers based there continues to move forward. As we have come to know designers such as Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko, the country that breeds beautiful folklore and a richness in crafts has inspired yet another talent to emerge. A jewelry and accessories designer named Evgenia Linovich, who heads her label Masterpeace. The Moscow label created in 2012 soon after long travels across Russia is truly an homage to the designer’s heritage. Part of what has struck me most about the collection is the broad range of headbands, each fit for royalty and adorned with precious stones and pearls. Evgenia Linovich has mentioned that with her dedication to local artisans, she plans to keep these ancient professions alive and current through her intricately handcrafted pieces. With all seriousness aside when viewing a headband covered in carrots or a polka dot denim crown, its obvious there is some underlying humor in which I always find to be refreshing and quirky. Masterpiece embodies regal qualities, Russian traditions, and a playfulness leaving us with a tremendous treasure. Be sure to explore this brand.

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