Nicola Formichetti’s Harajuku Sportswear

Nicopanda Obsession



When my family and I first moved to Los Angeles, I felt like a complete outsider. I was already different with a mixed background of Japanese and German, but I was arriving here from London and Tokyo. It couldn’t have been a greater culture shock. These differences are ones that I cherish and embrace now, but as a young kid I found it hard. Today when I come across other Eurasians I am thrilled, there seems to be some immediate sense of camaraderie. One that I have followed over the years is the ultra-cool Japanese and Italian, Nicola Formichetti, who has worked with everyone from Gaga, Mugler, Uniqlo, and today as Diesel’s art director. He also serves as fashion director at publications like Another Man and Vogue Homme Japan.

If you have ever visited his Instagram or Tumblr accounts, you will find that there is an overflowing supply of animated and street inspired cuteness. The pages also include his two little Pomeranians, Tank and Bambi, who have their own popular Twitter and Instagram accounts. Nicola Formichetti has mentioned that Nicopanda was born out of a hobby he started three years ago with a maga spin. Today this can be seen as a full range sportswear collection having launched for Spring 2015. Among the reasonably priced collection are fun athletic-inspired unisex pieces with Neoprene, Mesh lace and Harajuku Princess details like bows, girl ruffles, and pastel colors. I recently purchased several pieces from the collection and loved the untraditional and playful references. Looking forward to more kawaii collectibles from Formichetti.

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Shoes: Sophia Webster

Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Photo: Gregory Tuomi