The perfect pair of blue jeans can go a long way in one's wardrobe. If you are anything like me then, you are doing your jean shopping once every year or so and updating along the way if there is something you absolutely love and must have. The only challenge there is that the denim market has become saturated with trends and when visiting a store, its very difficult to tell one jean from the rest. How many skinny jeans can a girl own? Thankfully today there are many young and  innovative companies on the rise satisfying our needs as the industry continues to take new shape.

One that you may find making a ripple in the area is RE/DONE. This company has managed to grant every girls wish for the ultimate pair of vintage Levis without the hard work and hassle of a vintage scavenger hunt. The creators, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur are both fashion entrepreneurs who came upon this space in the market and took an online approach. I feel that their web experience has allowed us to join their journey on an intimate level. Each recycled jean is hand selected from local rag houses, ripped apart and reconstructed into today's modern fits. Every rip, tear, and stain has come from an authentic and well worn touch leaving each one unique. Their limited supply has left us on our toes, some of us on a waiting list hoping to find our very own pair make its way home. My daughter Berlin and I were lucky enough to be part of their first campaign and since then there have been many more recognizable faces to take part in RE/DONE's story. 

Another unusually blue collection that has come up on our radar is designer collection Marques' Almeida. The duo behind this brand is Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida. These two Central Saint Martin alums launched their label in 2011 on a platform of structured and abstract frayed denim which can still currently be found in their collection. I have a great appreciation for their sense of non-traditional denim dressing. With a background at Vivienne Westwood and Preen, their forward-thinking deconstructed shapes comes as no surprise. Watch these two brands flourish and continue to bend the hard drawn lines in the market today.

Denim Shirt: Vintage Levis   |   Jeans: RE/DONE   |   Denim Dress: Marques' Almeida

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


Interview With RE/DONE - 

01. What makes a blue jean perfect in your eyes?

SB: The perfect jeans tell a story. The wear patterns.

JM: Definitely the color. It's all about the jean having some contrast between light and dark. In Japan they call it Hige, it translates to character or mustache. I've heard both. Your part Japanese do you know?


02. What is RE/DONE’s underlying brand message?

SB: Individuality - most clothing brands mass produce. Girls should be able to have a jean that everyone else doesn’t have. We deliver a completely unique jean and experience.

JM: Individuality.


03. Name one of your favorite Levi’s moments. Could be a photograph, a campaign, a film, etc.

JM: Bruce Springsteen born in the USA album cover and a pic of Bob Dylan walking down the street in his 505s in the mid-60s. Marilyn Monroe in her 50s women fitI have like 20 more of my faves but you will get bored. 


04.  If RE/DONE were to put on a good old fashion runway show, name three people you’d want front row.

SB: Bernard Arnou, Kate Moss, and Cynthia Mittweg.

JM: Ralph Lauren, my Fiancé, and my daughter. If I were to exclude family it would be Ralph Lauren, Lenny Kravitz and Hedi Slimane. Fashion people who I think just get it. The RRL brand really inspired me for the last 5 years and all the people who work in all the stores have such a love for vintage Americana. Doug Bilmier, who is Ralph Lauren's right hand, has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He basically runs around the country buying all the vintage for Ralph whether it's leather jackets, boots, watches, rugs, furniture, etc. Long story short. 


05. How do you, as two males see women styling their RE/DONE jeans?

SB: Depends on the fit and the girl. Personally for fall, a big chunky elder statesman sweater with moto boots. 

JM: Sean has his own ideas for this, for me my favorite thing on a girl is a pair of Levis and a tank top with no bra. I have always thought that was my favorite look. Maybe converse and a leather jacket or boots.I really don't know women's fashion to be honest.. Just denim 


06. If you could collaborate with any artist on a capsule collection, who would it be?

SB: Lucien Smith


07. Can you give viewers any insight on starting an online business today?

SB: Be sure to understand your "why" and tell the story.

JM: Yeah it's not impossible and it might seem overwhelming but stay focused, don't ever stop and after 6 months to a year you will look back and realize that you accomplished a lot. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, figure out who you are as a company and just stay in your lane and go! Also crawl walk run, my partner says that every day to me. He's right.


08. What can we expect to see in the coming year from RE/DONE?

SB: New pop up in NYC @warm. And men's!! 



When channeling your inner Grace Kelly, be sure to add the infamous Grace box trunk to your wardrobe. The accessory made famous in the Hitchcock film “ Rear Window” made its notable appearance as Grace Kelly’s overnight case. American Luxury Goods brand Mark Cross were the creators of this shoulder bag, and their legendary line of heritage would baffle many. The brand’s foray in 1845 began with the classic horse saddle, harness, and trunk. It wasn't long before the company was bought out by Patrick Murphy and then spearheaded by his son Gerald. 


Gerald Murphy and his wife Sara garnered a lot of society praise when they moved to Paris in 1921 and became the center of a group filled with popular artists and writers. 

The pair could be found funding the “Ballet Russe”, having a portrait done by Picasso, spending time with their friends Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, or supporting Ernest Hemingway's finances. Although their time at Mark Cross ended in the 50’s, the company went on until 1997 and then closed. It was relaunched in 2010 with a beautiful range of accessories and of course the iconic box trunk which resurfaced with small design updates. I adore this timeless piece, and it’s prize-worthy history.




I won’t say that I have any opinions about others wearing fur because I have owned pieces at one time, or another and choose to come from a neutral position. I will however say that there are so many incredibly lush and warm faux fur options to date, why not take the animal-friendly approach? I know I have the luxury of living in Los Angeles where our weather can be very even-keeled so the need for fur in order to keep out of the cold is less necessary. While traveling in colder climates, I tend to lean on my extra warm pieces and am thrilled to find that so many more designers are working with faux fur these days. One that I love and have featured in these photos is a collection made up entirely of faux fur coats and clutches called Shrimps. The designer, Hannah Weiland is based in Soho, London and creates colorful styles in simple shapes with unlikely moments. For someone who doesn’t shy away from color and in fact adores it, this is down right candy.

Hannah Weiland has mentioned that the synthetic materials for faux fur are getting better, it was once polyester and the new range of offerings are 89% mode acrylic giving it a much softer hand. With so many of these coats feeling more like the real deal, try something guilt free.

Faux Fur Pullover: Gosha Rubchinskiy (Men’s Collection With Unisex Pieces)   |   Skirt:  Redvalentino   |   Similar Sneakers: Nike Air Max 1   |   Coat: Shrimps   |   Clutch: Shrimps

Photo: Gregory Tuomi




Its not often we're able to find a label so suited to a woman's everyday life. London based designer Serafina Sama has made this her motive with the up and coming label Isa Arfen. Serafina Sama originally from Ravenna, Italy has said she always designs with real women in mind. 

After graduating from Central Saint Martins, she was able to hone in on her craft with stints at mega fashion houses like Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Marni, and two years with Chloé as design assistant. Isa Arfen was founded in 2011 following a small collection sold exclusively through private sales. The collection launch was met with such a rave response, and it was then decided that these styles be turned into a broader collection. There is something to be said about her relaxed yet feminine aesthetic, true to form when describing her sources of inspiration such as Tina Chow and Slim Aaron's society photographs. Isa Arfen's focus on understated evening separates alongside her teddy bear mohair coats and culottes are the perfect balance of clean and eccentric. With the success of her first highly acclaimed presentation during New York Fashion Week for Spring 2015 at Milk Studios, we can be sure to see more in the coming seasons. 




Its not often you see a French fashion giant like Chanel acquire a historic premium cashmere manufacturer, but when this does occur you can be sure that something prestigious and beautifully crafted will come to surface. 

Barrie, which once was the sole cashmere and knitwear supplier to many important fashion houses since 1905 including Chanel, is now also a luxury label. The knitwear collection is created by Chanel knitwear maven Odile Massuger and debuted in Paris with 20 pieces for Fall Winter 2014. 

The launch came fueled with fashion ammunition and supported through campaign images photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself and a stand alone store on the infamous Rue Saint Honoré. Its no surprise that these timeless and bold sweaters are already stocked at luxury retailers internationally. As cold weather slowly approaches, I will dream of cozying up in one of the landscape motif sweaters or striped ponchos with fringe.

Click here to shop the collection.



In today's world, everyone has a different point of view when it comes to dressing with sex appeal. I think it all depends on your body type and how to highlight areas that best suit your shape. With that said bodysuits can go a long way in one's wardrobe. For years, Wolford's basic closed neck bodysuit in black has been my closet staple. I have worn it under sweaters, with skirts and relaxed jeans. There have also been more lace adorned bodysuits that come and go depending on the season. A basic approach may not be right for you, but thankfully there is an array of body hugging choices available for any occasion. Bodysuits that are more basic can be worn with a ball gown skirt or something emotional and full shaped on the bottom. A more revealing bodysuit can be worn with a pair of masculine trousers or under a blazer jacket. If you are opting for a printed bodysuit or one with more embellishment than a pair of slouchier jeans, overalls, or casual pants may create a nice balance. This season why not try experimenting with a bodysuit if you haven't already?

Bodysuit: Wolford   |   Skirt: Vintage Chanel From Ressurrection

Photo: Gregory Tuomi



Dripping in crocodile motifs and David Lynch inspired textures, comes a Parisian accessories collection created by the ultra unique Amélie Pichard. The eponymous label launched in 2011 although Amélie Pichard's creative path began with her studies at Mod'Art Paris followed by her time with Sonia Rykiel. Prior to moving forward with her label, she had a long-term position as creative director at Paris label Dice Kayek. 


Drawing influence from all sorts of quirky film and photography references, Amélie's accessories bear subtle elements of humor that still maintains sophistication fitted to everyday life. The signature crawling crocodile can be found on every clutch whether monotone, fringed, furry or her classic velvet. The retro shoe shapes from velvet and lurex boots to pumps with built in ribbed socks just clarify Amélie Pichard's playful approach to her utterly distinguishable pieces. It's been said that the designs truly reflect Amélie Pichard's personality, and if you take a peek at her eye-catching Tumblr page, the package does seem to come together seamlessly. I adore this collection and look forward to seeing much more.

Click here to shop the collection.

Click here to view Amélie Pichard's Tumblr.




Mastering metal designs is a career path we have only seen a few designers actively pursue. I have forever marveled over Paco Rabanne’s stunning collections and costume work in moments like Barbarella. I don’t think anyone else has come to surface in this area with the same impact. That is until Swedish-born designer Fannie Schiavoni launched her collection in 2009 with a fresh perspective on chainmail. Having studied in London and interned for such greats as Hussein Chalayan and Giles Deacon, her background in  tailoring and traditional methods have paved the way to her unique approach to metal accessories. It may be common to find her pieces on high profile artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but she also enjoys seeing her designs worn over a pink lace frock on a classically dressed woman for the perfect contrast. Fannie Schiavoni’s collection is based in London, but sold in stores internationally.

Click here to find out more about the collection.




Ladies, if you are growing tired of your giant totes, pouches, envelopes, and satchels? Then you might appreciate this story. There is no better way to enter a room or get a conversation going than armed ready with a conversational piece to tie your look together. I know they may not always be the most practical, given the small spaces some of these odd purse shapes hold. 


On the other hand, having less space in our purses will inevitably prevent us from carrying all the unnecessary items we lug around in our shoulder bags throughout the day. In the recent, seasons, we are seeing designers experiment with their classic shapes as well as find some humor in this oh so serious business we call fashion. Whether it be food or grocery oriented, references of clothing, abstract face moments or something simply inspired by popular culture, there is a beautiful range to explore. I love this playful and surrealist time in accessories. I look forward to seeing more of the micro-miniature bags, structured purse trunks and boxes, backpacks and of course fanny packs alongside these conversation starters.




These days we see so many new brands fill the already saturated market in hopes of cracking the surface and making a real business. In order to break through, a designer most of the time must have a unique point of view or niche if you will. Coming from a prestigious and sophisticated background can't hurt either.

One young designer we have come to know this year is  Lauren Khoo, who has created a fine jewelry brand infused with experimental designs entitled Lauren X Khoo. The intricate pieces are hand crafted by a single craftsman in Hong Kong and produced in limited quantities that include a bespoke collection to satisfy your personal preferences.


Lauren Khoo born in Singapore to a Chinese family now lives between New York and Hong Kong. Having graduated from Brown University, majoring in architecture and visual arts, its no surprise her jewelry design is influenced by her architectural interests. What I have found most fascinating is the component of movement in her pieces as well as the Cosmos collection inspired by "Princess Fantasies." The Starburst cuff, which is a star shaped cuff done in multi-colored sapphires might be my dream piece. Her spinning Stellar star shaped ring brings me back to memories of my childhood and my obsession with Gem and The Holograms. You can shop the brand in stores like Dover Street and Colette as well as make inquiries on her site. Lauren Khoo has mentioned her most popular pieces to date are her movable serpent ring and full-length bendable ring with a Chinoise lattice design. I love her sense of playfulness in her luxury pieces.

Click here to view more of Lauren X Khoo's designs




When I began down this path towards creating Maison Mittweg, much of it was fueled with the need to express myself without any inhibitions. I have perpetually admired those who stuck with their gut and made real ripples or as others might say challenged the masses.

There were many defining moments in fashion history, but one that seemed the most ahead of its time was the surrealist period of the 1930’s. Designers like Elsa Schiaparelli and Marcel Rochas alongside other creatives like Salvatore Dali and Man ray were just a few of the bold types to shine during that time. I would have liked to wear one of Elsa Schiaparelli’s high heeled hats or drawer suits. Thankfully today, we have our share of daring designers, one of whom I’ve become more familiar with lately is Vivetta Ponti, who heads her label Vivetta. The collection is playful, sophisticated, and falls in line with some of the emotion present in the Surrealist period as well as the French New Wave movement.

The Milanese based contemporary collection was established in 2009, but Vivetta’s career in fashion didn’t start there. She had worked at the fashion house Roberto Cavalli, which is where she learned much of her craft involving embroidery. Since the launch of her collection, she has gained the love of many fans like Anna Dello Russon, Charlotte Dellal (of Charlotte Olympia), and Alexa Chung among others. This season, you will find perfectly manicured hands in fun polish colors present on shoes, dresses, and collars. You may also find face profiles and realistic bunnies along shirts and hats. The collection offers many unique shirt and collar options for layering under scalloped dresses and brocade gowns. You will certainly stand out styled in any number of her pieces. Why not try to relive some of those iconic moments in today's world with some humor and wildly imaginative dressing?

Collar: Vivetta   |   Dress: Vivetta   |   Shoes: Opening Ceremony

Hair: Rebecca Friedman

Photo: Ricky Chan




With all the uproar and chaos effecting people internationally, its hard to imagine what those in countries who are suffering may be going through. It’s easy to live in a bubble, sometimes easier on the heart to be unaware. In this feature, I wanted to touch on a young designer from the Ukraine where as most of you know is not a safe place to be these days.
Julie Paskal, who heads her label, Paskal, has had a  journey paved with experiences unlike those we typically see. With her home country in a state of challenge and dire hopes of overcoming harder times, she has managed to garner the attention of industry types. Earlier this year, while things were still a bit calmer, Paskal was one among several Ukranian designers who competed in the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days show for the LVMH prize. In preparation for the show, some were working by day and protesting by night. Although she hadn’t won a prize, she did win the hearts of many and was featured across major publications as an emerging designer. Most of all one of her long time wishes were granted, she would be the next designer sold in the infamous Parisian store, Colette. 

Julie Paskal’s sense of minimalism and modern textures are reminiscent of her architectural background, she had studied architecture before pursuing a fashion brand. Her impeccable laser-cutting techniques in combination with her innovative tailoring is a talent that sets her apart from the rest. What struck me the most were Paskal’s cage inspired looks with cage like draping from her Fall-Winter 2014-2015 collection which she had mentioned were based on skyscrapers. I can only hope to see peaceful times return and with that more beautiful creations from the Ukraine. Looking forward to Paskal's next collection.

Click here to shop the Paskal collection & here to learn more about Paskal.





Shopping for sunglasses for someone like me can feel like shopping for jeans. They are a wardrobe necessity, and it can take me time to find the right pair. So when I have found a pair I like, I may end up wearing them repeatedly without change for a long period, I tend to get lazy about it. I find myself emotionally drawn to shoes and dresses which I update more often. Unless I am melting over something very specific, I opt for something classic and timeless.


This mindset was true up until I  came across Le Specs, an economically friendly sunglasses label filled with forward shapes and design details. The company, once popular in Australia during the 80’s, has resurfaced in 2006 after a 20-year hiatus.  Le Specs re-launched using sixty percent of their most popular and original moulds and have already collaborated with designers like Henry Holland and Craig and Karl. They have also reestablished their following with fans like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kate Moss, and the Delevigne sisters to name a few.The price point for each pair of shades varies between $55-$80 which is pretty impressive for quality sunglasses these days. What a fun way to explore different looks without hurting your wallet!

Click here to shop Le Specs Sunglasses.

Dress: Band Of Outsiders    |    Photo: Gregory Tuomi


News - Ferragamo Launches Digital Trunk Show


Heritage labels with real fashion depth and a continuous cycle of reinvention has long intrigued me. Salvatore Ferragamo is one with many archival moments, who can say they invented the platform? Or dressed Marilyn Monroe in hollywood’s most-treasured scene, standing atop a subway grate, with a white dress kicked up high in those infamous Ferragamo sling backs? Better yet, the creation of the rainbow wedge or caged heels. 

The nearly century old label once known for shoes has been impacting fashion consumers with a full range collection for some time now.

Since 2009, Creative Director, Massimiliano Giornetti’s has seduced aspirational women of all types the way Ferragamo himself once had. Staying true to the brand’s identity with classic shapes and tailoring, yet still finding ways to go against the common grid. Massimiliano Giornetti’s Fall 2014 RTW collection is a perfect portrayal of this with his revision of tweed, knife pleats, luxurious leather and fabric techniques, and distinctive knit wear. The tall boots and crocodile heels alongside the crocodile or Persian fur shoppers and elongated doctor bags are thrilling with their uneven color effects and standout hardware. As most brands are finding different ways to tell their story and communicate with their audience, this fashion house has teamed up with four very different women on the town who each has their individual style to launch their Fall Winter digital trunk show. Two of which are rock heiress Alexandra Richards and nightlife DJ Leigh Lezark, who both embody the Ferragamo female in their way of dressing. 

I love the look of Alexandra’s youthful spirit, understated, and well put together attire verses Leigh’s bold and moody, sometimes graphic approach. Alexandra Richards has mentioned she loves “the tall black boots for the unpredictable wintry days" while Leigh Lezark has opted for the lightly ribbed and treated knit dress. I have my eyes set on a small black crocodile shoulder bag with an oversized gold ring. There are incredible pieces to update your Fall Winter wardrobe. Visit the site for your only opportunity to shop runway pieces via e-commerce that will be available for pre-orders  during this limited period.

Launching today August 5th - Shop the collection here




As the height of summer has arrived, and my pink mane borders between happily wavy and restlessly tangled, I've become hungry for new hair styling options. The thought of a traditional up-do or braiding technique seems underwhelming, so I opted for whimsical headpieces and tiaras which can be worn effortlessly with your hair down.

On my search for something bold, I stumbled across Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter's eye-catching collection and felt immediately captivated by her feather cuffs and spider bangles, but most of all by her beautifully peculiar head pieces. 

The leaf and wing tiaras, the snake leaf or moon and star headpieces can easily transcend you into some Lost World or Swedish folk tale. 


This feeling falls in line with the designer's dark and playful inspiration which is drawn from folk tales and mythology as well as the diversity found on the streets of Stockholm.

Maria Nilsdotter graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2007, that same year she launched her collection which has naturally grown. In 2013, she opened the doors to her flagship store in central Stockholm. 

I have worn the feather tiara with Cheyann Benedict's hand painted silk gauze dress for a more emotional look, but for something more understated, you could wear these pieces with a simple summer dress or jeans. 

Dress: Cheyann Benedict

Click here to shop Feather Tiara

Photo: Gregory Tuomi




While some ladies feel timid about showing their underpinnings outside of the boudoir, New York-based Jennifer Zuccarini has created a culture  surrounding this idea. Fleur Du Mal which means "flower of evil" was created in 2012 with a range of stylish lingerie and ready to wear. Jennifer's noteworthy career in intimates began many years prior as Co-Founder and Creative Director for Kiki De Montparnasse, then Design Director at Victoria's Secret.
The ultra seductive lingerie collection is made up of pieces like triangle leather bras, lace catsuits, satin bullet bras and garter belts, and tulle corselettes all of which are made to be seen. The ready to wear portion consists of leather and a ton of sheer dressing like chiffon jumpsuits and dresses with lace underlays as well as lace tuxedo pants. Although there are so many pieces I desire, I can't help but feel  drawn to the floral pink kimono pictured in the story. At home, I prefer a kimono over a robe.


I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer in New York, years ago. It has been a while since we last got to catch up, but I have such fond memories of our trip to the All Points West Electronic music festival on Liberty Island during the summer of 2008. (I met my hubby that Spring)

When you feel ready to turn in your nude seamless panties, I suggest you have a look below at some of my selects.

01. Which pieces from your Fleur Du Mal collection do you wear most? 

JZ: I wear our silk front strap bra all the time, it’s almost more like an accessory - it completely changes the look of a shirt or tank when the straps are exposed. I wear our leather skirt with snaps constantly. 


02. Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, or Anna Karina? 

JZ: Bardot with a dash of Deneuve 


03. Is there a film or a song that embodies the spirit of Fleur Du Mal?

JZ: It’s kind of crazy, but the movie Purple Rain really influenced me growing up. I can’t think of a film that completely embodies Fleur but I’m always inspired by music and film. One of my favorite characters is Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. 


04. The most seductive lipstick Color? ( Brand/Color) 

JZ: Tom Ford Cherry Lush 


05. On what occasions do you find yourself wearing a corset and how would you style this look? 

JZ: It’s fun to make a corset a bit less predictable looking and style it over a white tee with boyfriend jeans or denim shorts. 


06. Your most memorable fashion moment at either Kiki De Montparnasse or Victoria's Secret? 

JZ: There have been so many exciting moments! One that comes to mind was when I was at Kiki, and I made custom lingerie pieces for a famous director. He actually sent me sketches, swatches and mood boards. I made everything exactly how he wanted it. It was interesting to interpret someone’s designs who comes from another creative field. I also absolutely loved when Carine Roitfeld used my Eiffel tower panty in a big 2-page spread in French Vogue in 2008.  

Click here to shop Fleur Du Mal.

Photo   |    Ricky Chan



Although the label Bionda Castana was established in 2007, I have only come to know their collection in the recent years. The founders, Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman are both half Italian, but were born and raised in London where they are based. 

Bionda Castana, which means Blonde Brunette in English is symbolic of their harmonious opposition as a design duo. Their aesthetic consists of feminine shapes with harder detailing such as studs, eyelets, and buckles. These days you may find a larger range of shapes with printed silks, bows, scalloped edges, and sheer panels. Stylish ladies like Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, and Rihanna are just a few of the many fashionable types out there who strut the streets in the collection. The styles I have pictured here are my selection of favorites from their current season. The shapes have such versatility and can be styled many ways. I would wear the pairs with the lower heel during most occasions.


Click here to shop the Bionda Castana collections   |   Click here to learn more about Bionda Castana




By now most of you can probably tell that I am obsessed with the color pink. I thought I might be a lone wanderer amongst little girls until I heard about Ryan Roche, who like myself  feel completely blissed out by all things pink.
Ryan Roche entered into fashion as a children's designer with a collection called Mor Mor Rita. She was quickly encouraged by fans like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Milla Jovovich, who dressed their girls in the collection, to create styles for women.
Ryan Roche later made her foray into women's with a namesake collection for Fall 2011 focusing primarily on sustainable details and knitwear made in Nepal.
Although the line has evolved, it can only be found at specialty boutiques as well as her own online store.
I am crazy for the furry cashmere sweaters in soft palettes, some of which come with flashes of hot colors like pink. Hats are a new addition and come in a range of straw and angora wool, each with a hand braided horse hair tassel made in New York.
Today Ryan Roche lives with her husband and three children in an old stone house in upstate New York. 

Click to shop: 

Black Straw Hat (click here to see this styled in a look) |  Cashmere Fringe Cardigan  |  Chan Lu Slip dress – second hand purchased at Walk In My Closet  |  Bloch Full Sole Ballet Shoes

Photo: Ricky Chan



Cuisse de Grenouille, meaning "Frog Legs”, is a men's ready to wear brand inspired by 50's surfing in California. Created by two Parisian brothers, Lucas and Severin, in 2010. The urban-minded surf line is a full range collection with a ton of accessories made entirely in Europe. They recently designed a sweatshirt with the phrase "surf in paris” in textured letters. I especially love this sweatshirt, as I have married into a family of surfers and really enjoy the culture. I tend to wear a lot of men's sweatshirts, but this one with it's easy fit can be worn by either a woman or man. Very few stores in the US carry this line, but I was introduced to the brand by my darling surfer friend Winnie Beattie who carries it in her NYC boutique Warm. Next time I am in Paris, I will be sure to visit their flagship store.

Click here to shop CUISSE DE GRENOUILLE.




When I think of St. Tropez, I immediately recall the french new wave film "And God Created Woman”, with the iconic Brigitte Bardot and her effortlessly seductive style. Thoughts of micro shorts, summer dresses, neons, gingham, basket woven beach bags, and espadrilles all come to mind. It's no surprise that St. Tropez inspired a group of friends, during one of their many vacations, to create a versatile espadrille shoe.

Manebi, named after the small district in St. Tropez, is a slip on shoe with a classic Mediterranean shape. They come in a range of washed neon canvas colors and calf hair in fun solid colors and prints.

Each summer season I update my wardrobe with some reinterprutation of the espadrille, and this season it will be the calf hair checker board print, a sort of dressed up version of vans skater shoes.

Click here to shop MANEBI.  | Click here to see MANEBI styled in a Look.