How To Stay Polished In Your Home Attire

In The Pink

MM Look

Say no to sweatpants and yes to upscale lingerie and sleepwear. I have always been a firm believer in staying polished while at home. Investing in a beautiful robe or a bedtime option is the right way to go. In this look, I have featured a pajama set and eye mask created by Morgan Curtis of Morgan Lane, a lingerie and sleepwear collection inspired by a playful and mischievous doll named Lanie. 

Morgan's creative path comes as no surprise as she was inspired early on by her mother, renowned designer, Jill Stuart, who she worked with after her studies at Cornell University and Central Saint Martins. During this period, she continued with some of her earlier interests, oil painting and illustration in which a series of doll paintings were born. Morgan later realized her desire to combine her two passions, lingerie and illustration, which was when both Lanie and Morgan Lane came to life. Lanie was personally illustrated by Morgan and is represented throughout the collection. I adore the pieces! Explore the Morgan Lane collection and update your boudoir experience.

Hair: Rebecca Friedman   |   Photo: Gregory Tuomi

01. Morgan Lane Eye Mask   |   02. Babe Book By Petra Collins   |   03. Aerin Travel Gold-Tone Comb   |   04. Anndra Neen iPhone 6 Case   |   05.  Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfume   |   06. Morgan Lane Pajama Top   |   07. Morgane Lane Pajama Bottom   |   08. No.6 Shoes   |   09. Pixie Market Choker   |    10. Pink Teddy Bear   |   11. NAILS INC Nail Polish

An Affair With Little Black Dresses

La Belle Noir

MM Look

One can never have too many black dresses. Black is timeless, black is elevated, and black is a master of disguise. My love affair with the little black dress began long ago. There is something to be said about its harmonious ways. Regardless of shape or details, it somehow always exudes sex and has an upscale appeal. If I were ever in a hurry or uncertain of the occasion, I know I can depend on the reliable black dresses on rotation in my closet. This deeper shade is slimming, trans-seasonal, and can be worn many different ways. In the summer months, blend your blacks with neutrals or any part of the indigo family to soften your look. I tend to love black and gold paired together. Although I don't shy away from the loud hues and desperately need color in my life, I am utterly devoted to my little black dresses.

The dress featured in this look adorned with gold stars is by St. Roche. A sustainable LA based label I recently discovered. The creators of the brand are Sue Stemp and Paud Roche, who launched their collection for Resort 2015. You may recognize the name Sue Stemp from her London-based self-titled label as well as her industry experience with collections such as Daryl K, Tocca, and Alexander McQueen. St. Roche is a womenswear brand infused with English Eccentricity and follows environmentally friendly design practices. The silhouettes are easy to wear and come in a range of prints and handcrafted textures.

Click here to shop the St. Roche collection.

 01. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment    |   02. Surratt Beauty Smoky Eye Baton   |    03. Pamela Love Earrings   |   04. Sunglasses: Miu Miu   |   05. Dress: St. Roche (Fall Collection)   |   06.  D.L. & CO Journal   |   07. Shoes: Rochas (Not Current Season)   |   08. Perrin Paris Wristlet Handbag “Manchette”

Not-So-Basic Pairings With Your Favorite Jeans

Blue Jean Diaries

MM Look

Use your favorite pair of blue jeans as a blank canvas and explore combining pieces you might not typically combine. I have always found that aha fashion moment in those not so perfect pairings. The nice thing about blue jeans is that its almost impossible to make any mistakes. In this look, I am wearing the always unique, Redone jeans. Couldn’t be prouder of my husband for co-creating this label, they are truly my number one choice. My style these days is more California inspired than usual with flashes of Glam and 70’s fun. 

I was happy to reconnect with my LA-based friend and brilliant designer, Raquel Allegra, who has always epitomized that California relaxed yet upscale and thought provoking look through her pieces. Raquel’s namesake, full range collection was born during an experiment with a shredding technique using Prison tees. Since then she has grown and kept us on our toes with beautiful shapes and dye techniques. Her Paris installation last year at Merci entitled  "To Live And Dye In LA" was a great display of her passions. I felt lucky to get to feature a jacket from one of the many hand-painted and hand-dyed garments in the show. 

Click here to learn more about RE/DONE jeans


MM Look 27 - La Vie Est Une Fleur

Gangs In The Garden

MM Look


I have always been one to love a good floral print. This fascination probably began as a child when my mother obsessively clothed me in Laura Ashley dresses during the time we lived in London. What better way to flower crush than in this Vintage Chanel piece covered in a  print reminiscent of some precious watercolor story. When wearing a dress like this, I tend to opt for a roomy sweater or a cropped jacket. In this case, I chose the ultimate sweater designed by Greg Chait for the Los Angeles based collection The Elder Statesman. If you are one to be drawn to color and eccentric luxury lifestyle accessories like a life-sized cashmere teddy bear than you should explore further. The range of children’s items, home goods, and women’s and men’s ready to wear is made up of high-quality materials, the core of which are cashmere yarns  and remarkable craftsmanship. Needless to say, he is a fashion force to be reckoned with who’s constant inspiration and clever techniques will continue to keep us on our toes. Last I saw him I was prepared to take the eye-popping orange and pink tie-dyed sweater off his back, I am secretly pleased he likes pink as much as I do. 

P.S. If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, be sure to visit his store in West Hollywood.

Click here for custom pieces by The Elder Statesman.


MM Look 26 - Quick Stop at Cafe De Flore With Friends

Goodbye Horses

MM Look

It has certainly been a long time since I last draped a blanket coat, cape, or poncho over anything in my closet. I think the inspiration came from a recent trip to Sayulita with friends and family. My girlfriend and I skipped out on a boat trip and decided to shop in town. I had been a few times already, and there is a handful of stores I tend to visit, one I highly recommend is a shop called Evoke The Spirit. This where I became smitten with a native cotton poncho in black. The light weight and solid style has made it easy to pair back to jeans and a tee shirt. If I did want to dress it up, then I might wear it with a button down shirt or sweater and belt the look for more shape. With the heavier and patterned blanket coats like the one worn in this feature by Kiboots, you have the option of wearing this over a moto jacket or a winter coat for extra warmth. Kiboots is a label from Amsterdam fueled by life on the road and made out of traditional materials that have been around for decades like kilim rugs. For those of you stuck in the dreary cold, this trend has made it easier for you to find comfort throughout the day while snuggling in your blanket.


MM Look 25 - London Parties

True Colors

MM Look

London Fashion week is coming to an end, and one thing I know I can count on seeing during this time is an explosion of color and semi cartoonish themes that take place on the runway. There is an underlying aesthetic in the British fashion crowds, and they seem unafraid of taking risks. This a quality I truly appreciate. The vintage unknown designer I am wearing in this look is a piece from my go to vintage boutique, Resurrection. I have always been one to melt over volume and ruffles and thankfully there has been quite a bit already this season. In order to keep this look from feeling overstated, I will usually opt for a pair of flat boots with a gown like dress unless I am attending a black tie event. The oversized knit cowl is created by a luxury outerwear and accessories label based in New York entitled Urstad.Swan. I was recently introduced to their pieces and love the theatrical feel of their designs. Have a look at their chain mail gloves in another recent MM feature.


01. Fendi Bag Charm    |    02. Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch    |    03. Urstadt.Swan Knit Cowl    |    04. Vintage Dress From Resurrection     |    05. Wolford Tights    |    06. Vintage Nana Boots    |    07. Globe Trotter Suitcase    |    08. Moschino Sunglasses    |    09. Federica Moretti Beanie Hat With Bow

MM Look 24 - It’s Dark It’s Cold It’s Winter

Last Train To London

MM Look

The below zero temperatures during the launch of Fashion Month didn't stop any fashion types from strutting the streets in their best attire, some just not bundled enough. I have to say I am not one for colder weather, that is one of the reasons I have opted to live in Los Angeles. It takes a real pro to look together and fresh in those unbearable climates. One thing is for sure, you have to be a master of layering because the moment you step foot inside, you're smothered with dry heaters on full blast.

Although I don't shy away from color, I do love an all black look especially during those winter months. When doing this, I tend to invite more texture with moments of fur, shine, and details that feel more ornate. A collection I recently discovered at LA boutique Just One Eye is Augustin Teboul, who is a believer in all things black. The duo behind the label is Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul. The pieces are a cross between ready to wear and haute couture, and the collection has already garnered some International attention. Included in the look are a few other items for your journey through the European shows.

Click here to find out more about Augustin Teboul.

Location: These photos were taken in Just One Eye.


MM Look 23 - Ready For New York Fashion Week

Pocketful Of Rainbows

MM Look

Los Angeles has definitely grown culturally over the recent years and since then we have had many migrate over to the west coast. With that of course has come the flood of new and more thought provoking concepts for stores, restaurants, and galleries which have started to emerge in different areas. For someone like me who had felt culturally starved, this has been a blessing. 

One that has garnered quite a bit of fashion cred is Just One Eye who was founded by Paola Russo. The store, housed in Howard Hughes former headquarters, embodies a gripping fusion of art, lifestyle, and fashion. You can be sure to find a mix of brands whether big or small along side ultra cool collaborations and couture.

I jumped on the opportunity to shoot in the space and enjoyed discovering new collections as well as rare pieces. In lieu of the sometimes daunting Fashion month during this colder season, I decided to feature an eye catching look from the store created by Julien David. The bright colored melange cardigan worn over the tinseled top and skirt brought about a fun spirited feeling rich with texture and bounce. The big rainbow painting backdrop of course sealed the message. For those of you who have taken to monogramming or personalizing your accessories, take a look at these textured alphabet stickers by Anya Hindmarch. They are affordable and take no time at all. 

Rainbow Painting by Artist Gary Lang

Click here to visit Just One Eye

MM Look 22 - Holiday Party In Los Angeles

Many of you may feel the rush of the holidays approaching with the pressure to wrap up loose ends at work and finish your gift shopping. Although it's important to keep the Christmas spirit alive at home with small children, I look forward to having quiet time with family and decompressing. When I am attending  holiday parties in Los Angeles, I tend to dress somewhat relaxed but my festivity lies in the coats and accessories I may be wearing. Sometimes all you need is a bold coat or hat to create your look. This Akubra inspired Dion Lee hat with an alligator detail is a stand out piece, and the Nigel Curtis velvety tartan coat is also one that doesn't fall short. 

 If you are still in search of a small gift, I have shared a few last items in this look I feel would make a great option. You can't go wrong with a Serge and Jane book, Hotel Costes room spray, a bottle opener crest, or a quirky IPhone case. For a larger gift I love these snakeskin boxing gloves by Elisabeth Weinstock (See more Elisabeth Weinstock gift items here) and the M2Malletier bags are an absolute favorite. Have a wonderful holiday!


MM Look 21 - Hosting A Gathering Of Friends At Home


If there is any other color than pink I love, that color would be red. As the weather cools down, I tend to wear deeper hues, but none the less red is an ideal color when experimenting with tonal stories. This look is a perfect blend of contemporary versus a young and high-end collection paired back to vintage designer shoes. I mix and match my wardrobe constantly and have found that I am not alone in this shopping mentality. With the department store experience feeling saturated with similar products and underwhelming, I do all of my shopping online as well as in specialty boutiques. 

One that I have been visiting since I was a teenager is a store called Curve on Robertson Blvd. This original location has been there since 1997 and has since then expanded its retail empire to four newer locations. 

Other than the constant fashion discoveries I have made at Curve, part of what I've enjoyed was getting to know the woman behind this LA staple, Nevena Borissova. Her vivacious style and her sincere love for fashion have always been apparent within the Curve experience.  

Nevena has always supported new designers, and while I was taking my first few steps into the community many moons ago, she took a chance on my collection of dresses and carried them in the boutique. I also have fond memories of painting canvas Birkin bags at an in-store event years later. It' safe to say that Curve will continue to bend retail rules and stay "ahead of the curve." Go visit them in Miami, New York, San Francisco, or at either of their two Los Angeles stores this holiday season.


MM Look 20 - 4 Ways To Wear Pink


Although pink is a part of my everyday life, I have enjoyed seeing others celebrate pink in order to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month. What an incredible way to shed light on an important cause. I think ladies typically shy away from this color because it may be seen as too sweet or girly, but the vast range can compliment any occasion or skin tone. I always find ladies in sophisticated pinks to be alluring. If you aren't ready to go the full length, commit to a surprise accessory or a pair of shoes in pink to start. Here are four very different ways for fashion enthusiasts to wear pink. 




01. Fur Bag   |   02. Pointy Toe Flat   |   03. Sweatshirt   |   04. Pu Trench   |   05. Pleated Skirt


01. Two-Tone Sunglasses   |   02. Sweater Dress   |   03. Ankle Boots

MM Look 19 - Modern Day Gala

Playing shows with my band feels like a distant memory today. There are moments I really miss it, but I am able to feed some of that hunger by dressing up in elaborate costume-like clothing, as well as have mini music jams with Berlin. I would like to nurture that musical side of myself again soon. Katy Rodriguez, who co-owns the vintage store Resurrection and designs, her self-titled collection played a part in those days. When I wasn’t making costumes of my own, I was, usually, performing in one of Katy’s epic pieces. 

The ruffle skirt and vest worn in this look are signature Katy Rodriguez  silhouettes revisited for the launch of her Porno collection that features the porno print she created in 2001 taken from 1970’s pornographic stills. This capsule collection was created to celebrate the event Ambush: Sex and Fashion at Resurrection that took place last May. The overall feel of this look is driven by the sixties and their renewed yet classic spirit.

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


MM Look 18 - Paris Fashion Week Parties

Many designers share that they start off a new season with travels, books, and visits to galleries, but I know that a great deal of designers visit vintage studios and archives. What better place to discover inspiration for a button shape or design detail than on a rare and sometimes historic piece? In some instances, the whole of a collection may be influenced by just a single dress and the era in which it was made.

One store/studio that has been long standing since 96 and my personal favorite is the iconic Resurrection. Every major designer or fashion type has stepped foot in their New York or Los Angeles store at some point. The owners, Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez  have been dear friends for years, and I've been a customer for as long as I can remember. Katy Rodriguez is the overall creative type who can be found behind the camera or designing her self-titled label which she sells solely in her stores. I have participated in their story in any way I could. My favorite moments were singing at Katy's collection launch and the photo shoots we did together.  In a time where the market is saturated with so many trends, I find that blending vintage into my every day look is the best way to keep my closet fresh and timeless.

Click here to learn more about Resurrection.


MM Look 17 - Travel Itinerary: London Milan Paris

I may be the only one, but I haven't owned a pair of sweatpants for as long as I can remember. The only time I recall wearing them was in highschool. I wore a nontraditional pair designed by Katayone Adeli, which were shaped like a flare pant and made with semi-structured french terry. While traveling for work, I like to be more put together and often opt for jeans. My favorite jeans today are the vintage reconstructed Levis made by Redun. These jeans have so much character and have a way of creating balance in a polished look. I love accessorizing with hats. The best way to travel with a hat is to wear it on the plane. When arriving at your destination, your look is complete.


01. Boots   |   02. Top   |   03. Leather Sunglasses   |   04. Boater Hat   |   05. Headphones   |   06. Velvet Puffer Jacket   |   07. Jeans   |   08. Gray Weekender   |   09. Hand Balm

MM Look 16 - NYFW Front Row

Fashion week is a crucial time of year for those who work in fashion. A definitive moment where all industry types come to surface to catch the first glimpses of designer's collections in the coming season. There in lies inspiration for stories, editorials, the red carpet, and overall visual stimulation. The month-long period of fashion week is my favorite time of year! I especially love the launch of Spring collections because the weather in September and October is milder, allowing for the ultimate range of dressing as opposed to tons of layering and bundling. What better way is there to kick off NYFW than in a gold lame jumpsuit paired with other shiny metals and ivory cream? Enjoy snapping photos of your top runway looks in your DVF high-tech glasses.

Maison Mittweg Looks NYFW Finds Ring Bracelet Coqui Coqui Perfume RMS Beauty Living Luminizer Pedro Del Hierro Madrid Jumpsuit Anya Hindmarch Metal Clutch DVF Glasses Pamela Love Earrings Delpozo Sandals

MM Look 15: NYFW - Below 14th Street

"Ref Babe" is a term us girls have come to know these days. The eco-conscious brand, Reformation has continued to offer us affordable and effortlessly seductive styles. On a recent trip to the store, I was pleased to find a selection of off the shoulder dresses. This look is something I have always been fond of. In my eyes, seeing clavicles and shoulders is enticing and sexy in an enigmatic way. I prefer this to a revealing bust look or having your bum hang out of your shorts. Toga shoes never disappoint, and this pair is the perfect option for NYFW. They are easy to walk in and work both casually or in a more formal setting.

01. Reformation Canopy Dress   |   02. Grey Ant Sunglasses   |   03. Toga Shoes   |   04. Vivetta Hat   |   05. Saint Laurent Bag

MM Look 14: Le Two Step Du Motorcycle

Feeling golden in this black and gold number created by the ever-growing artist, Jeremy Scott in his interpretation of Moschino. I couldn’t be more thrilled over the comeback of this 80’s originated brand. Having always tested fashion boundaries and now taking it that much farther with new ways to wear the iconic motorcycle jacket and showcasing inside tags for extreme display.

In order to stay in line with this playfully bold message, I went with the always favorite personalized jewelry stating my initials with the help of Jennifer Meyer. In addition, I had to incorporate Eugenia Kim's  oversized leather bow headband, and the Greek mythology cartoon-like sandals created in collaboration between two brands I love, Ancient Greek Sandals and Carven.
I have stated before that I am half Japanese, and although we have become known to hang trinkets from our phones and purses, it seems this trend has become more international with the helping hand of Fendi’s furry little monsters, aka “Bag Bugs." Need to get my hands on the “Karlito” pink haired charm, until then I may also be totally in favor of Sophie Hulme’s more animal friendly faux fur key fob.

P.S. Who says every day can’t be dress up day!

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


01. Hair Band  |  02. Perfume Set  |  03. Dress  |  04. Fur Key Fob  |  05. Motorcycle Jacket Purse  |  06. Sunglasses  |  07. Gold Set Of Earrings  |  08. c Stud Earring  |  09. m Stud Earring  |  10. Sandals

MM Look 13: Dinner With Family at Jack's Wife Freda

These days I spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of my computer, but if I have had a day of meetings, lunches, and coffee and plan to be with Berlin later in the day or take her out for dinner I tend to wear something that crosses over. I don't own many pairs of flats, but when I do wear flats they are usually boots. These boots are perfect for various occasions and highlight both a masculine and feminine feel. I chose to style them with a fitted skirt and a slouchy sweater for an easy and versatile look.

P.S. Jack's Wife Frida is a great place to take your family  if you are in the downtown area of NYC, specifically on Lafayette.


MM Look 12: Romance In Italy

I have mentioned in an earlier post how much I love when fruits and fashion merge. This dress is a romantic way to wear a strawberry print with a simple and sultry shape, reminiscent of Sophia Loren in the 50's. The box bag, created by Creatures of Comfort, who launched accessories earlier this year is minimal yet equally as unique. Lately, I have enjoyed visiting the Violet Grey site to shop for beauty products which are curated by top makeup artists and beauty gurus. The lipstick and mascara shown here are just a glimpse of the many beautifying products they carry.


MM LOOK 11: Le Baron De Paris Nightclub

Black attire is timeless and can evoke sophistication, sex, mystery and much more given the right pieces. Anytime I am in a fashion rut and having trouble getting dressed, I can always rely on something black in my wardrobe whether it be a dress, a pair of jeans or a jacket. It's an all around trusted color for dress codes you're unsure of and couldn't be any more soothing during solemn months. This look incorporates layers which allow you to go from a casual dinner to a midnight soiree with it's Fleur du Mal corset underpinning.

Bella Freud is a fun witted knitwear designer who created this superb "Ginsberg is God" sweater, and if you don't already know, she also has an iconic line of ancestry. She is the daughter of famed artist Lucien Freud and the great granddaughter of the inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.