MM Look 19 - Modern Day Gala

Playing shows with my band feels like a distant memory today. There are moments I really miss it, but I am able to feed some of that hunger by dressing up in elaborate costume-like clothing, as well as have mini music jams with Berlin. I would like to nurture that musical side of myself again soon. Katy Rodriguez, who co-owns the vintage store Resurrection and designs, her self-titled collection played a part in those days. When I wasn’t making costumes of my own, I was, usually, performing in one of Katy’s epic pieces. 

The ruffle skirt and vest worn in this look are signature Katy Rodriguez  silhouettes revisited for the launch of her Porno collection that features the porno print she created in 2001 taken from 1970’s pornographic stills. This capsule collection was created to celebrate the event Ambush: Sex and Fashion at Resurrection that took place last May. The overall feel of this look is driven by the sixties and their renewed yet classic spirit.

Photo: Gregory Tuomi