MM Look 20 - 4 Ways To Wear Pink


Although pink is a part of my everyday life, I have enjoyed seeing others celebrate pink in order to support Breast Cancer Awareness this month. What an incredible way to shed light on an important cause. I think ladies typically shy away from this color because it may be seen as too sweet or girly, but the vast range can compliment any occasion or skin tone. I always find ladies in sophisticated pinks to be alluring. If you aren't ready to go the full length, commit to a surprise accessory or a pair of shoes in pink to start. Here are four very different ways for fashion enthusiasts to wear pink. 




01. Fur Bag   |   02. Pointy Toe Flat   |   03. Sweatshirt   |   04. Pu Trench   |   05. Pleated Skirt


01. Two-Tone Sunglasses   |   02. Sweater Dress   |   03. Ankle Boots