MM Look 21 - Hosting A Gathering Of Friends At Home


If there is any other color than pink I love, that color would be red. As the weather cools down, I tend to wear deeper hues, but none the less red is an ideal color when experimenting with tonal stories. This look is a perfect blend of contemporary versus a young and high-end collection paired back to vintage designer shoes. I mix and match my wardrobe constantly and have found that I am not alone in this shopping mentality. With the department store experience feeling saturated with similar products and underwhelming, I do all of my shopping online as well as in specialty boutiques. 

One that I have been visiting since I was a teenager is a store called Curve on Robertson Blvd. This original location has been there since 1997 and has since then expanded its retail empire to four newer locations. 

Other than the constant fashion discoveries I have made at Curve, part of what I've enjoyed was getting to know the woman behind this LA staple, Nevena Borissova. Her vivacious style and her sincere love for fashion have always been apparent within the Curve experience.  

Nevena has always supported new designers, and while I was taking my first few steps into the community many moons ago, she took a chance on my collection of dresses and carried them in the boutique. I also have fond memories of painting canvas Birkin bags at an in-store event years later. It' safe to say that Curve will continue to bend retail rules and stay "ahead of the curve." Go visit them in Miami, New York, San Francisco, or at either of their two Los Angeles stores this holiday season.