Spending my earlier years in bigger cities like London and Tokyo have engrained in me this hunger to live in a metropolitan city, one that is vibrating around the clock. Los Angeles was a tough adjustment early on, but these days I have grown to appreciate the culture. Since I was about 16, I have traveled to New York often. My husband and I had an apartment there when we were first together, and we always had an office there up until recently. Whenever I did spend time there, I felt completely at home and invigorated. The dress code in Los Angeles is casual. As most of you know, it can be easy to live in a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, and, of course, one of my least favorite shoes, a flip-flop sandal. You may also see ladies run around in their gym clothes. Although many folks still wear  jeans in New York, their choice of jacket, purse, shoes, or jewelry tend to be a bit dressier. My husband teases me because I dress up to go to breakfast, to the beach, work, during any occasion, which seems less unusual in the city. This look embodies fun in New York. Making a statement with a single color!