MM LOOK 11: Le Baron De Paris Nightclub

Black attire is timeless and can evoke sophistication, sex, mystery and much more given the right pieces. Anytime I am in a fashion rut and having trouble getting dressed, I can always rely on something black in my wardrobe whether it be a dress, a pair of jeans or a jacket. It's an all around trusted color for dress codes you're unsure of and couldn't be any more soothing during solemn months. This look incorporates layers which allow you to go from a casual dinner to a midnight soiree with it's Fleur du Mal corset underpinning.

Bella Freud is a fun witted knitwear designer who created this superb "Ginsberg is God" sweater, and if you don't already know, she also has an iconic line of ancestry. She is the daughter of famed artist Lucien Freud and the great granddaughter of the inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud.