MM Look 15: NYFW - Below 14th Street

"Ref Babe" is a term us girls have come to know these days. The eco-conscious brand, Reformation has continued to offer us affordable and effortlessly seductive styles. On a recent trip to the store, I was pleased to find a selection of off the shoulder dresses. This look is something I have always been fond of. In my eyes, seeing clavicles and shoulders is enticing and sexy in an enigmatic way. I prefer this to a revealing bust look or having your bum hang out of your shorts. Toga shoes never disappoint, and this pair is the perfect option for NYFW. They are easy to walk in and work both casually or in a more formal setting.

01. Reformation Canopy Dress   |   02. Grey Ant Sunglasses   |   03. Toga Shoes   |   04. Vivetta Hat   |   05. Saint Laurent Bag