MM Look 14: Le Two Step Du Motorcycle

Feeling golden in this black and gold number created by the ever-growing artist, Jeremy Scott in his interpretation of Moschino. I couldn’t be more thrilled over the comeback of this 80’s originated brand. Having always tested fashion boundaries and now taking it that much farther with new ways to wear the iconic motorcycle jacket and showcasing inside tags for extreme display.

In order to stay in line with this playfully bold message, I went with the always favorite personalized jewelry stating my initials with the help of Jennifer Meyer. In addition, I had to incorporate Eugenia Kim's  oversized leather bow headband, and the Greek mythology cartoon-like sandals created in collaboration between two brands I love, Ancient Greek Sandals and Carven.
I have stated before that I am half Japanese, and although we have become known to hang trinkets from our phones and purses, it seems this trend has become more international with the helping hand of Fendi’s furry little monsters, aka “Bag Bugs." Need to get my hands on the “Karlito” pink haired charm, until then I may also be totally in favor of Sophie Hulme’s more animal friendly faux fur key fob.

P.S. Who says every day can’t be dress up day!

Photo: Gregory Tuomi


01. Hair Band  |  02. Perfume Set  |  03. Dress  |  04. Fur Key Fob  |  05. Motorcycle Jacket Purse  |  06. Sunglasses  |  07. Gold Set Of Earrings  |  08. c Stud Earring  |  09. m Stud Earring  |  10. Sandals