MM Look 17 - Travel Itinerary: London Milan Paris

I may be the only one, but I haven't owned a pair of sweatpants for as long as I can remember. The only time I recall wearing them was in highschool. I wore a nontraditional pair designed by Katayone Adeli, which were shaped like a flare pant and made with semi-structured french terry. While traveling for work, I like to be more put together and often opt for jeans. My favorite jeans today are the vintage reconstructed Levis made by Redun. These jeans have so much character and have a way of creating balance in a polished look. I love accessorizing with hats. The best way to travel with a hat is to wear it on the plane. When arriving at your destination, your look is complete.


01. Boots   |   02. Top   |   03. Leather Sunglasses   |   04. Boater Hat   |   05. Headphones   |   06. Velvet Puffer Jacket   |   07. Jeans   |   08. Gray Weekender   |   09. Hand Balm