MM Look 18 - Paris Fashion Week Parties

Many designers share that they start off a new season with travels, books, and visits to galleries, but I know that a great deal of designers visit vintage studios and archives. What better place to discover inspiration for a button shape or design detail than on a rare and sometimes historic piece? In some instances, the whole of a collection may be influenced by just a single dress and the era in which it was made.

One store/studio that has been long standing since 96 and my personal favorite is the iconic Resurrection. Every major designer or fashion type has stepped foot in their New York or Los Angeles store at some point. The owners, Mark Haddawy and Katy Rodriguez  have been dear friends for years, and I've been a customer for as long as I can remember. Katy Rodriguez is the overall creative type who can be found behind the camera or designing her self-titled label which she sells solely in her stores. I have participated in their story in any way I could. My favorite moments were singing at Katy's collection launch and the photo shoots we did together.  In a time where the market is saturated with so many trends, I find that blending vintage into my every day look is the best way to keep my closet fresh and timeless.

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