Not-So-Basic Pairings With Your Favorite Jeans

Blue Jean Diaries

MM Look

Use your favorite pair of blue jeans as a blank canvas and explore combining pieces you might not typically combine. I have always found that aha fashion moment in those not so perfect pairings. The nice thing about blue jeans is that its almost impossible to make any mistakes. In this look, I am wearing the always unique, Redone jeans. Couldn’t be prouder of my husband for co-creating this label, they are truly my number one choice. My style these days is more California inspired than usual with flashes of Glam and 70’s fun. 

I was happy to reconnect with my LA-based friend and brilliant designer, Raquel Allegra, who has always epitomized that California relaxed yet upscale and thought provoking look through her pieces. Raquel’s namesake, full range collection was born during an experiment with a shredding technique using Prison tees. Since then she has grown and kept us on our toes with beautiful shapes and dye techniques. Her Paris installation last year at Merci entitled  "To Live And Dye In LA" was a great display of her passions. I felt lucky to get to feature a jacket from one of the many hand-painted and hand-dyed garments in the show. 

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