When I was in my teens, I'd say my priorities in life were quite mixed up. In hind site, I wished that I had done a few things differently, but truthfully I have no regrets because those experiences have shaped the way my life looks today. In high school there was something so intriguing about taking long scenic drives, listening to music, and smoking cigarettes with my friends. I was a complete dreamer and wanderer. This playlist is one that I listen to while driving, which is something we often do in Los Angeles. I don't feel the same urge to sit in the car very long as an adult, so music makes the time pass by quickly. I also don't smoke anymore and find it to be unhealthy. Funny how time can change everything. 
I'm sure I am not alone in saying this, but I love everything about François Hardy.

01. Queen Majesty
02. Here to Fall (rjd2 Remix)
03. Never Run Away
04. This Magic Moment
05. Hell
06. Straight to Hell
07. J'Ehin J'Ehin (Chop Teeth - Chop Teeth)

08. Never Get Close
09. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
10. Keys
11. Cash and Carry Me Home - Original
12. GRN Aventurine
13. If I Didn't Love You
14. Le premier bonheur du jour


Music is a vital way to create memories. I almost always associate songs with different experiences or people, as I am sure most do. I had a long playlist I listened to while I was in labor with Berlin. She was born to " I Want To Be Adored " by the Stone Roses. A perfect moment in my life! Snap Dragon is made up of songs that remind me of those who have touched me and memories I hold dear.

01. Under Your Spell
02. Hero
03. Walkabout (W/Noah Lennox)
04. Dream Baby Dream (Single Edit)
05. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
06. La Forme Et Le Fond
07. Black Out Days

08. The Chauffeur - 2001 - Remaster
09. The Great Fire
10. You’re Not The One
11. Long Shot Kick De Bucket
12. Candy
13. Marquee Moon - Remastered
14. Extinction


Sea Holly touches a solitary part of myself. I feel like all of these flower albums can be shared on a social level, but I tend to listen to this one alone. Songs like Life On Mars, Cosmic Dancer, and La Madrague are nostalgic. The quirky range of music suits my mood throughout the day. Most people think I am pretty even keeled. If they only knew… Rhythm Of Devotion is fairly new and feels fresh and current. I love when genres cross-over.

01. La Madrague
02. Mirando
03. A Real Hero
04. Life On Mars?
05. Caught Me Thinkin
06. Rhythm of Devotion
07. Baby Says
08. La foret

09. Leave Me Be
10. Django - Digitally Remastered
11. I’m Still in Love With You
12. Blind
13. Fantastic Sam
14. Oblivion
15. All That Matters
16. Cosmic Dancer


For those who know me, you know that I can't drive, work, socialize, or do much without music. I feel like I can learn a lot about a person through the music they listen to. These flower albums are the sum of my rotating playlists, top favorites, and a few new add-ons. Orange Lily is an ideal playlist for a beach vacation with it's reggae highlights, dance moments, and introspective songs. I would enjoy listening to this over a summer dinner with friends as well. Strange Little Girl has been my anthem for years.

01. Coconuts
02. Daniela
03. Making Plans For Nigel
04. Pulsing
05. Passing Out Pieces
06. 007
07. Holiday Reverie

08. Get Free
09. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
10. Turning Point 7"
11. So Good at Being in Troble
12. I'm So Green
13. Destinations
14. Strange Little Girl