For those who know me, you know that I can't drive, work, socialize, or do much without music. I feel like I can learn a lot about a person through the music they listen to. These flower albums are the sum of my rotating playlists, top favorites, and a few new add-ons. Orange Lily is an ideal playlist for a beach vacation with it's reggae highlights, dance moments, and introspective songs. I would enjoy listening to this over a summer dinner with friends as well. Strange Little Girl has been my anthem for years.

01. Coconuts
02. Daniela
03. Making Plans For Nigel
04. Pulsing
05. Passing Out Pieces
06. 007
07. Holiday Reverie

08. Get Free
09. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
10. Turning Point 7"
11. So Good at Being in Troble
12. I'm So Green
13. Destinations
14. Strange Little Girl