Sea Holly touches a solitary part of myself. I feel like all of these flower albums can be shared on a social level, but I tend to listen to this one alone. Songs like Life On Mars, Cosmic Dancer, and La Madrague are nostalgic. The quirky range of music suits my mood throughout the day. Most people think I am pretty even keeled. If they only knew… Rhythm Of Devotion is fairly new and feels fresh and current. I love when genres cross-over.

01. La Madrague
02. Mirando
03. A Real Hero
04. Life On Mars?
05. Caught Me Thinkin
06. Rhythm of Devotion
07. Baby Says
08. La foret

09. Leave Me Be
10. Django - Digitally Remastered
11. I’m Still in Love With You
12. Blind
13. Fantastic Sam
14. Oblivion
15. All That Matters
16. Cosmic Dancer