Music is a vital way to create memories. I almost always associate songs with different experiences or people, as I am sure most do. I had a long playlist I listened to while I was in labor with Berlin. She was born to " I Want To Be Adored " by the Stone Roses. A perfect moment in my life! Snap Dragon is made up of songs that remind me of those who have touched me and memories I hold dear.

01. Under Your Spell
02. Hero
03. Walkabout (W/Noah Lennox)
04. Dream Baby Dream (Single Edit)
05. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
06. La Forme Et Le Fond
07. Black Out Days

08. The Chauffeur - 2001 - Remaster
09. The Great Fire
10. You’re Not The One
11. Long Shot Kick De Bucket
12. Candy
13. Marquee Moon - Remastered
14. Extinction